Moonbirds is a community- and utility-focused NFT project consisting of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits. Each Moonbird unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. 

100 percent of proceeds go directly to PROOF Holdings Inc, a True Ventures backed web3 media company. The company has plans to  this funding will be used solely to expand our team and launch new products — ultimately creating additional value for our community.

Proof Collective (Founders of Moon Birds) roadmap:
001 Add Value
  1. Building products
  2. Airdrops every full moon
  3. Providing knowledge
    • Publish weekly “Deep Dives” on NFT projects—concise, actionable PDF reports exclusively for Proof members.
    • Plans to publish “Weekly Highlights” of NFT industry news and Discord posts compiled by Proof Collective Curator.
    • Launch Proof Academy. Regular expert panel sessions to cover key topics in the NFT community
  4. Fostering community
    • Proof Collective
    • Proof of Conference IRL event 
    • Proof meetups. Officially organized by Proof.

002 Grow Brand
  • Expand influence
  • Expand reach
  • Build a wider moat
Since it first hit the scene on April 16, the highly anticipated Moonbirds NFT community from PROOF Collective has attracted nearly $500 million in sales — including more than $200 million in sales in its first 48 hours on the market alone.
MoonBirds Trait Examples

Moonbirds’ inaugural collection includes 10,000 pixelated owls with quirky features such as firey hair, eye patches, mohawks, flower headbands, and colored eyes. PROOF NFT holders each received two Moonbirds NFTs, leaving 7,875 Moonbirds to the broader NFT community to vie for.

Moonbirds had a set mint price of 2.5 ETH, roughly in the $7,000 range, which the NFT community raised concerns about when it came to accessibility. Still, the collection sold out in two days, and resales have been surging on secondary marketplaces since the drop.

Each Moonbird grants holders access to:
  • PROOF’s exclusive Discord community and associated rewards
  • First dibs on PROOF’s upcoming metaverse project, Project Highrise
  • Additional rewards that increase in scale the longer holders keep their Moonbirds NFT. PROOF calls this process “nesting” — Moonbirds’ version of NFT staking — by which holders lock up their assets in exchange for passive crypto income, potential rewards, and other benefits. While Moonbirds are within their nesting period, they can’t be sold on secondary marketplaces.

“As soon as your Moonbird is nested, they’ll begin to accrue additional benefits,” Moonbirds’ official website reads. “As total nested time accumulates, you’ll see your Moonbird achieve new tier levels, upgrading their nest. Upgraded nests enable enhanced drops and rewards.”

Every Moonbird is a key to the private PROOF Discord, where owners have admittance to gated Parliament channels.

Once inside, owners have exclusive access to Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meetups and IRL events, and access to upcoming PROOF projects; including the PROOF metaverse, codenamed Highrise.

Moonbirds come with a unique PFP design that allows them to be locked up and nested without leaving your wallet. As soon as your Moonbird is nested, they’ll begin to accrue additional benefits. As total nested time accumulates, you’ll see your Moonbird achieve new tier levels, upgrading their nest. Upgraded nests enable enhanced drops and rewards.

Oddities By Grimplin

What are Oddities?
10,000 Moonbird pellets, released July 2022. In design collaboration with Gremplin.

Each Oddities is dervied from a Moonbird, with a smattering of new traits and features randomly allocated. While the Moonbirds and Oddities communities largely overlap (ownership of one will get you access to the Discord channels for the other) the Oddities are developing a world and a vibe of their own. 

What does my Oddity give me access to?
Oddities will have access to our private Discord along with the same channels as Moonbirds and access to Project Highrise.
Is there a future Oddites roadmap?

We do have some plans in mind, but we've largely kept them to ourselves. What we have promised is that Oddities will remain an important part of our ecosystem and feature prominitely in Project Highrise. 
Will there be future Oddities drop?

Oddities is our way of celebrating art, rewarding Moonbirds holders, and collaborating with artists we love. We aren't committing to any future details now. 

Can Oddities be nested?
No. Nesting is not built into the contract for Oddities. 

I just purchased a Moonbird. Can I claim my Oddity?
Oddities were airdropped to holders of Moonbirds which were ntested at that exact moment. Oddities that were not airdropped have been used to expand our commuity. 

If you're hoping to reunite your Moonbird and its Oddity, you'll need to check Openseas or perhaps try finding the owner via our Discord.

While Moonbirds have long lived comfortably within the canopy of the Yrgtree, the winds of unrest are coursing through the world of Volaria. Oddities burrowing deep within the winding roots of the Yrgtree have discovered a cache of eggs hidden by the Mythical ancestors of the Moonbirds. Little is known about these distant forebearers of the world—and even less about their mysterious disappearance many ages ago...

Legend tells that as these Mythic beings formed a prosperous city in the clouds, an ancient evil was summoned from the surrounding twilight. A monstrosity known as the Dred.

Hell-bent on extinguishing the flames of hope, the Dred was able to undermine the Mythics’ thriving civilization, leaving in its calamitous wake, floating ruins the Moonbirds dare not explore.

With the unearthing of these ancient eggs, tremors and dissonant waves have rattled the once safe branches of the Yrgtree, bringing an age of uncertainty.

The void-soaked tendrils of the Dred have begun to accumulate, gathering power, strength, and ominous magnitude. What had been weak wisps of dispersed hopelessness has risen to sinister form once again. The Dred is on the hunt and the very existence of the Yrgtree and its inhabitants are in peril.

The Oddities hear the resonant grumblings of the Odd God beckoning them to stand alongside the Moonbirds. Together, they’ll release the Mythics preserved within the eggs to stand against the Dred; bringing forth a power that outpaces fear and doubt. This call to arms will infuse the Moonbirds with the wisdom, inspiration, and the hope to reclaim the skies and finish what the Mythics started.

There’s great possibility in the air—but with it, a sense of the unknown. The kind of adventure that means that from this moment forward, nothing will ever be the same.

What’s an Egg?
Egg Rarity
Each egg contains within it the soul of a Mythic that will be set free by the flames of the Odd God’s Hearth.

There are three types of egg: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. A Legendary Egg can spawn three Mythic forms; it will be down to the minter to decide which form their Mythic will take. A Runic Egg has two potential forms, and a Stone Egg only one.

Your odds of getting a Legendary Egg will decrease the later you claim your egg. Eggs claimed within the first week of the first Diamond Nest being hit have the highest chance of a Legendary Egg (60%; rest are Runic). Those claimed after the first week within the first month also have better odds (40% Legendary; 60% Runic). Thereafter you are more likely to receive a humble Stone egg (20% Legendary; 60% Runic; 20% Stone).
Odd God

When can I convert my egg into a Mythic?
The Hearth of the Odd God will alight in early June. From that point on, 50 claimed eggs will be selected at random per day to be “activated”. An activated egg can be converted to a Mythic at any point.

When can I burn my Oddity?
When the Hearth of the Odd God awakens, in early June. Up to 50 Oddities may be sacrificed in return for a Mythic per day. You will be able to volunteer your Oddity for sacrifice in advance, at which point it will remain in a queue for the hearth until either it is called up to begin the sacrificial ritual or you decide you can’t possibly bear to part with your weird lil thingumybob. More details to follow.

How can I check if a Moonbird has already claimed its Mythic egg?
Visit the Moonbird’s detail page; you’ll be able to see under “nesting and rewards” if the bird is eligible for an egg yet (based on it’s nest level) and whether that egg has been claimed.

Can I use an egg as I would a Mythic?
All utility—including submitting or voting for a Lunar Society proposal and accessing the PROOF discord—is reserved for hatched Mythics. Because how do you expect an Egg to vote?
Egg Claim Schedule
MoonBirds Goes Onchain

PROOF announced Moonbirds will be one of the first blue-chip collections to be fully on-chain. The move will ensure NFT artwork is embedded in smart contracts and won’t need to rely on off-chain storage, making Moonbirds accessible for generations to come.
In addition, PROOF announced the first official expansion of the Moonbirds collection: Moonbird Mythics, a 20,000 PFP collection expected to launch in early 2023, with an eye toward giving back to original Moonbird and Oddities collectors.

Nesting your Moonbird at nest.moonbirds.xyz allows it to sit in your wallet while unlocking time-based rewards (us geeks call it a non-custodial staking mechanism).

As soon as your Moonbird starts nesting, a timer will immediately begin to clock your bird‘s progress. Over time, you‘ll hit milestones that will unlock new nests, which unlock rewards — including physical goods.

Nesting Tiers

Nesting Rewards
Diamond Exhibition
The Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition launches on April 27.

Featuring 22 artists, this exhibition marks our unified focus on artists, art, and collecting for the Moonbirds community. This will be redeemable for all Moonbirds once they reach Diamond Nest.

There are 2 types of passes for Diamond Exhibition. Moonbirds who nested within the 1st 24 hours will receive a Day One Pass on Apr 18. From Apr 24-26, you can burn your pass to indicate preferences. On Apr 27, we’ll run the draw and airdrop the art to Day One Pass holders.

Moonbirds who reach Diamond Nest from day two and beyond will receive a Mint Pass they can use to choose any available piece from Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition after April 27.

Here’s the schedule for Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition Day One Pass holders:

Diamond Exhibition Artists

Moonbirds DAO

We’ve created a DAO to empower creatives to further the Moonbirds ecosystem, reputation, and lore. We believe this will lead to new products, NFT collections, companies, cultural moments and content — with the intention of elevating the Moonbirds brand and eventually making it a household name.
What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In its most simple terms, it’s a community that comes together to achieve a goal through community decision-making — this happens largely through members voting on proposals. The Moonbirds DAO will serve as our vehicle to empower the most creative members of the community.

What's the primary purpose of the DAO?
To empower creatives that are building towards furthering the Moonbirds ecosystem, reputation, and lore. The DAO will enable you to endorse incoming projects with trademark rights, meaning they decide which projects can use the Moonbirds name. This is different to the art copyright rights which are already open to all via CC0.

How will the DAO accomplish this mission?
Starting early next year, we will have a website that allows you to authenticate with your Moonbird. Once authenticated, you will have the power to submit and vote on proposals and manage the DAO Treasury, which can include multiple assets, such ETH, future tokens, and NFTs.

Who will be eligible to vote on proposals?
Members that hold Moonbirds and Mythics.
Will Moonbirds have more voting power than Mythics?

Yes, we’ll be proposing voting power distribution before the launch of the DAO for your feedback – the intent is that together all Moonbirds in aggregate have more voting power than all Mythics, even though there will be twice as many Mythics.
What role will Oddities have?

We’re transferring in Oddity secondary royalties just like Moonbirds, and we’d love to include them as part of our community and lore – inviting them to events and parties and providing oddities as a fun entry point for all that we do.
Who controls the DAO?

The DAO will be decentralized and they control all aspects of the organization. PROOF will, similar to Nouns, put in place a cold-start system that allows us to veto any rogue proposal – we doubt this will happen, but want to have safeguards in place to protect against attacks until we are comfortable with the voting process.

How will PROOF support projects approved by the DAO?
Dedicated PROOF team members will shepherd DAO projects towards completion.
The DAO will also control a soon-to-be-formed treasury. This treasury will allow the DAO to deploy capital toward Moonbirds-related projects or investments that further the Moonbirds mission.

How will the treasury be funded?
The treasury will be bootstrapped with funding from PROOF and will receive ongoing support through Moonbirds secondary royalties.

Will PROOF continue to build alongside the DAO?
Absolutely! We'll still be here building for you, including things which are experimental and fun and attractive to those of you who want to participate without getting creative yourself. We’re just empowering the community to build alongside us.
Why does the DAO want to hold Moonbirds?

DAO owned birds will be nested and eligible for all nesting rewards, including the hatching of new Mythics and of course, any future token rewards. Tokens or NFTs can be used as part of treasury proposals for collaborations, or sold when they have appreciated producing more working ETH for DAO projects. But ultimately, long-term the DAO can vote on what to do with these birds.

“Is this a floor sweep?”
This is not a floor sweep. While $500k USD certainly sounds like a large commitment, when sales volumes are decent, we can clear this number in a single day – it’s approx. 37 Moonbirds. This purchase will be done slowly. The sole intention is to build up our treasury, because we’re bullish on what we’re building and would like to see how the DAO leverages these NFTs over the long-term.

Will the DAO continue to purchase Moonbirds NFTs?
That’s up to the DAO. We’d like to commit to this initial purchase, then leave it in the hands of DAO members. Should the DAO decide to buy Oddities to convert to Mythics, or floor Mythics, the decision will be voted upon by all members.
Owners Rights

MoonBirds are CC0

What is the CC0 license?
CC0 means "No Rights Reserved." CC0 enables creators and owners of the copyright to waive their interests in their works and place them entirely in the public domain. Once CC0, others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright law.

How is this different than the previous license?
Previously, PROOF issued a non-exclusive license to the artwork to each holder, which is the norm for many NFT projects. In this scenario, the entity granting the license, for better or worse, still maintains control. CC0 reverses this and puts all artwork in the public domain, for anyone to use and remix, even if you don't own one of our NFTs.

Why did PROOF decide to embrace the CC0 license?
We believe this move honors and respects the values of the internet and web3. Moving to this license provides neutrality and sovereign ownership over your assets as is recorded on the blockchain, not a government entity like the trademark office.

Can I use the “Moonbird” or “Oddity” names with my commercial project?
While CC0 does not technically cover trademarks, we’re excited to announce the upcoming formation of the Moonbirds DAO. This DAO will oversee approval of all projects that would like to use the Moonbirds or Oddities names with the only goal of preventing scams and hate speech-driven use cases. Ultimately the community will control licensing.

I'm worried someone can now use my Moonbird or Oddity NFT for commercial purposes. Is there anything I can do for added protection?
In short, anybody can now use any Moondbird for commercial purposes. However, any derivation of that work could be separately protected by copyright laws. Given some of the complexity of copyright law, we’d encourage people to seek out counsel on that topic. You can listen to the Twitter Space we hosted to discuss this topic here.

Which PROOF projects are now CC0?
At this time, just Moonbirds and Oddities. We will need to consider the right approach for each project. For example, since other artists create Grails, we will not be placing them under the CC0 license.

Which other NFT projects are CC0? A Common Place, Anonymice, Blitmap, Chain Runners, Cryptoadz, CryptoTeddies, Goblintown, Gradis, Loot, mfers, Mirakai, Shields, and Terrarium Club are all believed to be CC0 projects.
How can I download all the Moonbird art assests? 

We have everything in our Github.

Mythics Are Not CC0
You own the rights to your individual Mythics ip.
Talons (beta ecosystem token)
Moonbirds announces a reward token called $TALONS that holders will accrue daily. Holders will be able to accrue $TALONS daily via "nesting." Kevin Rose compared it to "credit card points," in an official Twitter Space on the Moonbirds account. Holders will be able to use tokens to bid for allowlist spots in upcoming exclusive drops, access to exclusive merch, IRL events, and collaboration experiences.

The Beta will be for Moonbirds holders and will be used only within the internal Proof ecosystem.
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