Protect the Moonrunners at all costs.

Moonrunners is an entertainment, storytelling NFT brand, that was launched on June 2022. We launched with 10,000 Moonrunners on the Ethereum chain, created by @Antixeth.

Taking a strong approach on story telling via Twitter only, Moonrunners sparked the story telling meta and quickly were known as the lords of lore, through their engaging story.

Currently, the primary collection has ~9200 NFTs because of burn events and other time-based interactive events that we run. Moonrunners have 6 different tribes from where they live in Primordia, There are 24 legendaries, and 6 Moonspeakers. Our engaging lore takes you through the different tribes and their conflict on Primordia and afar.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring unparalleled value to our holders through entertainment and utility. We aim to always think outside of the box and apply innovation within the WEB3 space. 

We plan to do this by creating a reason for people to be a Moonrunner, long term. This includes building a brand that entertains, delights, and adds value to people, every day through real-world utility. 

NFTs should be held for more reasons than to sell to someone else at a higher price and we plan to change that. Our ethos is creating and building experiences alongside our community, and involving them through the process and journey ahead.
The Den

The Den is your new home on Primordia, a space where all new features will be announced and ancient lore will be revealed. A living, breathing, organism that is constantly expanding and introducing new value to both veteran Moonrunners and new recruits.

The Den includes utility and WEB3 mechanics including staking, blood burn for Dragonhorde, Weapon burning for blood acquisition, and Dragonhorde re-rolls. You'll also find interactive experiences including games, and our Primordia explore feature.

Staking - The Den

To stake your Moonrunners or Dragonhorde assets, head to Staking enables Soulbound trophies, which unlock utility including access to raffles and yield multiplier unlocks for our upcoming Primordia land mint.

Soulbound Trophies

Simply stake your Moonrunner or Dragonhorde to Primordia in The Den over 30 days to earn your Soulbound trophy. With your Soulbound trophy you can earn rewards, win prizes, and unlock future utility including yield multiplier unlocks which you can read more here:

The Soulbound staking system is how we plan to grow the ecosystem into a more interactive and value-driven experience.
Bronze - 1-4 Moonrunners or Dragonhorde staked
Silver - 5 - 9 Moonrunners or Dragonhorde staked
Gold - 10 - 24 Moonrunners or Dragonhorde staked
Diamond - 25+ Moonrunners or Dragonhorde staked

Dragonhorde Re-roll

Don't like the Dragonhorde you minted or purchased off secondary? No problem. You can reroll your Dragonhorde in The Alchemy Lab. Simply burn a weapon of your choosing for a random chance at a new Dragon. However tred carefully, you can reroll a higher or lower rarity.


Our weapons that have been airdropped from previous lore seasons and activations have dual utility in the Moonrunners eco system.  


Weapon Magic - Reroll your Dragonhorde.

You can burn one weapon, to reroll a Dragonhorde of your choosing. You can reroll up to 5 Dragons at a time.

Weapon Training - Burn for blood 
You can burn weapons for more blood, which can be used to mint a new Dragonhorde. Either choose the known result, or choose the randomization feature which gives you a random chance at lower or higher rarity bloods.

Blood Burn

Blood from our secrets of Primordia collection can be used to mint a Dragonhorde. The following blood are required for each Dragonhorde rarity levels.

Once your blood is secured, head on over to and burn your blood vials to redeem

Blood breakdown:
Moonrunners Roadmap
Well.. sort of.

Moonrunners launched in June 2022 famously without a roadmap. 

Instead using story-telling, mystery, and surprise to roll out the utility and expansion of the project.
Since then, The Moonrunners team has released a visual roadmap with clues about where the Moonrunners project is heading. 

Our ethos with our storytelling NFT Moonrunners is to provide entertainment and interactive experiences that surprise and delight. Being nimble and agile is one of our biggest strengths.
Moonrunners Lore
Moonrunners is famously known for it's rich, deep and interactive lore seasons. The Moonrunners story is shared live via our Twitter, involving the community with interactive polls that shape the direction of our lore, puzzles and riddles to solve throughout the journey and interactive experiences bringing WEB3 activations into our lore.

Catch up on the last seasons of lore below:

Season 1 link:
Season 2 link:
Season 3 link:
Season 4 link:

Primordia Roadmap & Whitepaper

Primordia 15 Minute Whitepaper Explainer by Antix - Founder.
Primodia Whitepaper & Yield Mechanics

It's time for real business models.

1) We're buying a permanent forestry in New Zealand, committed for 50 years that generates carbon credits. Credits will be sold at quaterly auctions to generate sustainable revenue for our project and holders.

2) We're starting an eCommerce brand of the back of 20 years experience, and over 1Billion dollars of revenue generated for brands. Selling pet vitamins and products for dogs that support our IRL pack.

Rewards are then claimable quaterly through our Dashboard.
Potential Base Rewards
Potential Rewards (BOOST - Staked Moonrunners or Dragonhorde)

Potential Rewards (Legendary lands - 17 to be minted)

Primordia: Explore
Our interactive world experience.

The interactive world is special in that it is a direct representation of every Primordia Lands NFT in the collection. You have the ability to navigate through the terrains exploring all the attributes of our Primordia Lands. Our Explore feature will expand as we move through the phases, adding further interactivity and Primordia Land management.

The interactive map is accessed through the interactive portal and gives a virtual representation for each of the 8088 lands across 11 unique terrain types within the Primordia World (including some new terrains on Primordia, never before seen). From the interactive map, each land can be accessed to display its unique traits, ownership, and reward claims status.

Primordia Land plots will reveal in real-time on our interactive world as they are minted, once our WL and holders claim phase opens in the near future. For now, all lands are placeholder plots until reveal. This experience is best viewed on desktop.

Twitter Spaces, Content & Events
The Moonrunners community can be frequently heard howling on spaces, and have regular events throughout the week you can join. All spaces or Discord chats are recorded in the Moonrunners Discord events, with a regular Moonrunners Town Hall every Thursday at 5:30PM EST.

You can catch up on previous Town Hall's on our YouTube channel, or on recorded spaces on the Moonrunners Twitter timeline.

A2: Awoo Alliance
The Awoo Alliance is a tribe of dedicated Moonrunners joined together to form an elite agency within Primordia.

The A2 was established with a specific purpose to undertake crucial missions aimed at safeguarding and advancing the interests of Moonrunners, driving the brand forward through community participation and involvement. Our operations are focussed on content and IP building, with a strong emphasis on fostering loyalty and collaboration amongst community members to enhance the overall growth and resilience of the pack.

Our Team
Antix is the Founder of Moonrunners & Primordia, he sets the vision for the project and is across all areas alongside the team. Having founded several IRL businesses and managing businesses at a CEO level, generated over 1.8B revenue in Web2, all while being a degen and collector at heart, Antix is excited in executing on Moonrunners ambitious goals and building a legacy.

Moonrunners Team

We have a large team that sit across all Web3 brands. With a wealth of experience and skillsets, The Moonrunners brand is primed for growth.

MR Team
Primordia Team

The Primordia team is focussed on our WEB2 vehicles and businesses. An exceptional senior leadership team, we've assembled 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs, PhD scientists, Ecom moguls, Venture Capitalists, and world class engineers. We’re grinding day and night to bring tangible utility to all holders.
NFT Collections
Moonrunners is an entertainment, storytelling NFT PFP brand, that was launched on June 2022. Our collection lives on the Ethereum block chain and is CC0, with hundreds of traits, 6 different packs that represent where they live on Primordia. 

The Moonrunners project is based on an evolving story. The story starts on a planet called Primordia where the Moonrunners have just discovered that one of their pups, Nogard, was kidnapped in the middle of the night. The story has spanned across four seasons and is delivered through tweets by the main Moonrunners account (@MoonrunnersNFT) and every additional activity such as games and events are always tied to the lore itself. The lore engages the community with polls, ciphers and challenges, that the community participates in for the story to advance, and also integrates web3 integration, expansion and utility as the story unfolds.

Our approach to storytelling NFTs, sparked a deep lore meta in the NFT space when we launched, with many projects following this successful lore-driven model.

Moonrunners can be staked in The Den (below), give access to premium tools and subscriptions, as well as act as a multiplier in Primordia for rewards and yield.


Dragonhorde is a collection of arcane Dragons, resurrected in the alchemy lab from Primordia’s ancient past. Dragohorde is our expansion collection that lives within the Moonrunners ecosystem, a smaller supply of NFTs, that can also be minted by burning "blood" in The Den. The collection size is currently 2XXX and estimated to sit at around 3000 Dragonhorde in total after all blood has been used in the ecosystem.
Blood burning and Dragonhorde minting is open in perpetuity.

Dragonhorde have rarity tier levels, including D1 (common) D2 (uncommon) D3 (rare) and Legendary. There are a total of 15 Legendary Dragonhorde in our collection.

Similar to Moonrunners, Dragonhorde will be a big part of our story and lore, can be staked in The Den (below), give access to premium tools and subscriptions, as well as act as a multiplier in Primordia for rewards and yield.



Primordia (minting soon) is our utility focused NFT that lives within the Moonrunners ecosystem.

Our goal here is simple:

To build real businesses, that provide strength, stability, and security for our entire pack. Real utility, Real money, in Real Life.

Primordia NFTs are digital land within the Moonrunners (Web3) ecosystem and are inspired by our rich and highly successful Moonrunners lore.

We plan to acquire tangible assets and create profitable businesses that provide real utility and rewards for our holders. Now we want to share our success with you and take you on a journey.

Our mission is to create unparalleled value, yet again, and reward claims for our Primordia NFT holders.

Quarterly USDC claims for the pack through our high-growth, real-life businesses.

#1: We plan to secure a permanent forestry block in New Zealand, committed for 50 years, that sells carbon credits which in turn provide rewards for our holders every quarter. Feeding the pack and making a real-world positive impact.

#2: We searched for something that can give us strength, stability, and security. Something we can take global.

We landed on creating our own high-growth pet vitamin & food company, giving our IRL pack superpowers. In case you didn’t know, it’s a huge market ready for the taking.

We’ve employed Paddy, our very own Ph.D. veterinary scientist with over 30 years of experience, who is formulating our own proprietary products.

We’ve also onboarded CEOs from the health and supplement industry to give us a monumental advantage and priceless industry connections.