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NFT Worlds is the most capable & flexible metaverse platform. Each NFT World is an explorable, limitless world that can be built into anything you can imagine. NFT Worlds are massively multiplayer, have extensive developer APIs, are decentralized, and more. Gameplay and world inspired by Minecraft!

Teaser footage of new game client
Planned Features
How will NFT Worlds build a better minecraft?

ArkDev writes an extensive twitter thread on this

1.) The look and feel of the new game engine will be very, very familiar to Minecraft players. Imagine Minecraft with higher quality visuals, alternative enemies/mobs that behave similarly to what you’re familiar with. This means existing Minecraft players will be right at home!

2.) The new game engine is rewritten from the ground up in RUST vs Java. RUST gives us a tremendous performance boost vs Java. Like, a laughable amount. Equivalent Minecraft visual mods that would cause even the highest tiered PCs to choke will have no issues on modest hardware.

3.) The new game will be entirely free to play, and initially be available for download for PC/Mac/etc.  Additionally, a full version will be available to play by web browser and operate at near-native frame rates. Opening up frictionless entry for anyone to come and play.

4.) The new game is compatible with the Minecraft server protocol. This means, the new NFT Worlds can play on all your favorite Minecraft servers but will look entirely different than traditional Minecraft.

5.) New graphics, textures, lighting, significantly improved chat systems, friend systems, p2p $WRLD trading, cosmetics and more. This will not only work on NFT World servers, but also on any Minecraft server without the server needing to implement anything on their end.

6. A modernized networking protocol that will allow simplified implementation of nearly anything they want to create - custom models, UI, mechanics, moving objects & and so much more. Every creative limitation of Minecraft is going to be solved.

7.) Hybrid TCP/UDP networking architecture for NFT Worlds (Not Minecraft-compatible) servers using our native server codebase. Allowing very smooth high tick PvP and other interactions that the 20 tick TCP architecture of Minecraft has prevented.

8.) Familiar developer APIs. NFT Worlds servers will extend upon the familiar Spigot / Bukkit, supporting the existing standard APIs and adding new APIs for the new protocol functionality. Behind the scenes, the abstraction of Spigot/Bukkit to the original Minecraft server will be reworked for the new core NFT Worlds server architecture. This means devs can just come from Minecraft and create.

9.) Extensive monetization opportunities for creators. The new NFT Worlds cosmetics and content marketplaces will be entirely open to anyone building content for the NFT Worlds ecosystem - creators can monetize their player base through cosmetics, lootboxes and other mechanics.

10.) Existing Minecraft servers will be given tools for migration to the new NFT Worlds architecture without major reworkings of their existing Spigot/Bukkit based servers - opening up new monetization opportunities and a far superior experience for their players and developers.
Early on NFT Worlds was built off of Mincraft. The goal was to leverage Minecraft's open-source ecosystem & mod friendly community to build a decentralized, community-driven platform allowing world owners to create their own experiences. At its peak, the NFT Worlds collection had a market cap of 150k ETH, or ~$300m.

July 20th 2022, Minecraft announced a ban on any web3 integrations inside their game. At this point, NFT Worlds had 200 independent teams building in Worlds and over 100k registered players. This led to a major sell off of NFT worlds.

With their warchest of ~15M in royalties the team decided to start work on building their own version of Minecraft. This new engine would support more features that the team and community members have been asking for.

In the meantime they have added
• More lootboxes
• New tools for holders
• Teasers of gameplay and client
• A new website + documentation
• Making the "NFT Worlds" branding more web2 friendly