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What is Nouns?

Nouns is a generative non-fungible token project on the Ethereum blockchain. Nouns are 32x32 pixel characters based on people, places, and things. One noun is generated every day. Here are some examples of nouns:

Noun Auctions

One noun is auctioned every 24 hours, forever. One interface for participating in noun auctions is, which is a website built and maintained by the project founders ('Nounders'):
In the auction above, Noun 8, which is the 9th Noun (Noun IDs start at 0) is for sale. The current bid is 88.88 ETH (Ether), and there are 2 hours, 21 minutes, and 50 seconds remaining in the auction. If this auction ends with no further bids, 88.88 ETH from xaix.eth ($286,824 USD as of this writing) will be automatically and trustlessly sent to the Nouns DAO Treasury and xaix.eth will win this Noun, which means that the ERC-721 token will be transferred to their address.
You can see all the Noun ERC-721 tokens on Opensea (link above)

Noun Auction Settlement

Because of the way Ethereum works, Noun auctions must be settled after they are completed. The auction settlement transaction does three things: 1. it sends the current NOUN ERC-721 token to the winner of the auction, 2. generates the next Noun, and 3. begins the next 24 hour Noun auction.
Nouns DAO

The Nouns DAO treasury receives 100% of ETH proceeds from daily noun auctions. As of this writing, the Nouns DAO treasury contains 3,455.6022 ETH, the equivalent of $12,273,677.01 USD.
Nouns DAO, which is based on Compound Governance, is also the main governing body of the Nouns ecosystem. Each noun is an irrevocable member of Nouns DAO and entitled to one vote in all governance matters.
Here is an image of
Nouns use their voting abilities (remember, 1 Noun = 1 vote) to direct the treasury. Nouns can create and vote on governance proposals, which execute transactions on the ethereum blockchain when they are approved.
more coming soon!

234 Heads, 21 Glasses, 30 Bodies, 137 Accessories

All the individual traits sized up to 500 x 500px for your convenience. If you need other downloads check out the assets page link above.

Some Examples of Heads see more on the assets page:

Examples of Accessories:

Moments & Milestones

A timeline of Nouns DAO's major milestones and noteworthy moments that have happened since the project's inception. Click the button to suggest an event that should be added.
First Public Tweet

4156 laid out the broad strokes of what would become NounsDAO.
Initial Drafts

Gremplin & 4156 look at the first sketches on which path to take for the art.

The first published instance of the Nouns glasses. The ''eraser guy'' was dubbed Protonoun.
Git Init

Vape Ape creates the first commit in the Github monorepo.
Nounish Design

The rough Noun aesthetics were decided upon and it was time to iterate & polish.
Glasses & Body Done

The rough Noun aesthetics were decided upon and it was time to iterate & polish.
Early UI

Draft idea of
Digitally Rare Pod

4156 appears on the podcast, Digitally Rare to discuss the project.
Website Iteration

Another draft idea of
Rinkeby Testing

Nouns public testnet goes live for final testing.
First Extension Project

Noun GAN Study by VanArman, based off the Rinkeby Nouns, releases on OpenSea.
Project Launch

The experiment called Nouns begins and Xaix wins Auction #1 for 613.37 ETH.
Noun Fractionalized

Noun 11 was bought by PartDAO and became the first fractionalized Noun.
First Proposal Passes

The DAO's first proposal, 'Donate 5 ETH each to 6 Charities', passes
First Secondary Sale

Noun 40 sold on OpenSea.
First Auction Fork

The extension project, Alt Nouns, forked the distribution mechanism.
Small Grants Committee

Prop 13 passes and the 'Small Grants and Retro Funding' committee forms to help empower builders.
FOMO Community-Mints Noun

The 'FOMO Nouns' project (proposal 13) delivers the first community-minted Noun.
Nouns X Superbowl

Nouns glasses appeard in the BudLight commercial for Superbowl LVI.