This artwork may or may not be handmade.

This is Jack Butchers take on the "PFP" collection but his bet on the future of this category of NFTs.

Jack's theory is we are currently in the "aesthetic led pfp meta"Β but as commodification of image making, contract deployment, etc drives cost to launch to close to zero this meta will die. The lesssson to learn from this is the idea of a collection is more important than the actual images.

The symbol being the easily recognizable geometric shape of Opepens.
The idea was birthed in a tweet

It was released as a free mint where the mint reached 15,984 - 16 short of 16,000. To clean up the math and simplify the mechanics, 16 were minted to the current "one" check holders.
What is the "Opt-in" AKA reveal process
The "Opt-in" process is the reveal process for this collections.

80 Opepens will be revealed at a time and there will be 200 waves of reveal as 80 x 200 = 16,000 (total # of Opepens)

Each wave will consist of a different artist and each wave will have a different style for each edition.

How many of each edition is in each of wave?

Each wave will have 80 Opepens revealed and specific number equal to the edition numbers. I.e. In wave 001 there will only be 40 "Forty Edition" Opepens revealed in that wave.

What happens if not enough people Opt In?

For each wave there will only be a reveal if over 2 times of the allocation per editions size "opts-in". This guarantees demands for each wave and empowers the users to pick which wave they want to be a part of