Alphi Genesis Collection Minting Soon

Each Vessel in the Otherside Vessels collection is occupied by a Shade, which will hatch into a Mara that, depending on its type – Enchanter, Farmer, or Hunter – will provide service to the Otherdeed on which it is living.

Each Mara, with the ingestion of a Seasonal Catalyst, can become a Kodamara.

The Vessels are a part of the Legends Of The Mara (LOTM) game.

Legends of The Mara is a 2D strategy game created by Yuga Labs, developing alongside the Otherdeed Metaverse.

Legends Of The Mara
An Otherdeed Expanded NFT has many uses, and it will first serve as the board for the 2D web-based game, Legends of The Mara. 

In LoTM you will need at least one Otherdeed Expanded NFT and at least one of the following to play: Koda, Kodamara, Mara (Hunter or Farmer), or Vessel. Vessels with the Enchanter trait and Enchanter Mara have a special role and their magic will be revealed later…

Only one Vessel can be nested on any given Otherdeed Expanded at a time, so choose your first Vessel(s) to nest into Mara wisely.

Vessel Nesting

The mechanics of nesting will be further defined in the LoTM Litepaper.

Seasonal Catalysts will be available this summer, allowing you to evolve your Mara into a Kodamara. 

Each Seasonal Catalyst belongs to a celestial coordinate of a system called "the Otherside Odiac".

Both Maras and Kodamaras will be a new collection under the same Legends of The Mara game.
The Vessels is a collection introduced after the Otherside Second Trip. It's part of the new game Legends of The Mara.

Each Vessel will hatch into a Mara. Vessels and Maras have three classes: hunters, farmers and enchanters.

You can obtain a vessel burning an Otherdeed. For each Otherdeed you burn, you earn one Otherdeed Expanded and a Vessel.

If you plan to hatch your Vessel, you must keep your Otherdeed Expanded and nest your Vessel into it.

Hatched Vessels turns into Maras

The future of LOTM and the Vessels are still uncertain. We're waiting for more information from Yuga Labs.