Outlaws takes inspiration from the Wild West and the classic western genre. This project features a flat art illustration style that captures the essence of the rugged and untamed landscapes and iconic traits and features that defined the western era.

Each Outlaw has distinctive variations and details, making every piece unique.
Outlaws draws inspiration from a diverse range of art pioneers from different fields. Western master artists like Frederic Remington, Charles Marion Russell, and Albert Bierstadt, who captured the rugged beauty of the American West, served as a major influence.

Flat illustration artists like Malika Favre and Levente Szabo offered inspiration for clean, graphic depictions for the collection. Coen Pohl must also be included with his bold color palettes and hard line work.

Finally, Mark Maggiori’s contemporary take on Western landscapes inspired us to bring together traditional and modern elements in our collection.

By drawing inspiration from such a diverse range of artists, we aimed to create a collection that celebrates the rich history and culture of the American West while also offering a fresh and exciting perspective on the genre.

The Traits
Outlaws captures the essence of the Old West. The collection features six main trait categories that include Background, Body, Face, Clothing, Hat, and Weaponry. There are over 140 traits in total allowing for over 16.9 million possible unique combinations. Each trait has been meticulously designed, drawn and fitted for the collection.

The Color Palette

The Outlaws color palette draws inspiration from the real-life colors of the Wild West, as well as popular western themed comics and movie covers.

The dusty browns and oranges of the landscape, the deep blues of the night sky, and the vibrant reds and yellows of the sunsets are all colors incorporated in various Outlaws traits.

The attire of western characters from classic flicks like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Magnificent Seven, and The Lone Ranger also played a role in the color schemes used in the outfit traits.

Additionally, the bold and eye-catching colors of western comic books like Tex Willer and Lucky Luke provided further inspiration for the collection’s color palette and aesthetic.

We ensured the use of authentic and diverse colors to create a vibe that transports you to the Wild West.

Over 40 Outlaws backdrops offers a glimpse into the rugged, lawless landscape of the Wild West. From the arid deserts of Texas to the snow-capped mountains of Montana, the collection captures the vast expanse of the wild frontier.

Each background depicts a different time of day, from the soft morning light of dawn to the fiery glow of sunset. The collection showcases all seasons, including the sweltering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Popular locations in the Wild West such as Tombstone, Dodge City, Deadwood, and the Chisholm Trail are depicted in the collection.