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The Owlies from the 5th Dimension are the genesis collection of the 5th Dimension community, consisting of 555 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT acts as a membership to our community of artists, musicians, writers, and other creators, who are building an Arts and Entertainment company in the form of a DAO. The 5th Dimension will contain many different communities, or worlds. Each world is dedicated to a different area of arts and entertainment. There will be worlds for fine art, music, comic books, film, and more – even discovering new genres that are possible because of NFT technology. Your Owlie NFT gives you access to them all, and opportunities to obtain NFTs from these future collections. Join us and enter into this parallel dimension to help create a new decentralized economy that is separate and distinct from the global centralized economy and its corrupt power structures.

What is 5D Art World?

5D Art world is a collective NFT project lead by the . Our
intention is to gather a bunch of talented artists from around the world to
work together and sell their art as NFTs.

5th Dimension

Our goal is to recruit around for this project. Each artist
would provide one to two pieces of original art to the 5D Art World
collection, each of which will be duplicated into 10 copies (500 to 1,000
piece collection). Once all the art is collected, the 5th Dimension team will
lead the charge in marketing & executing the mint on the Ethereum

(see specs at the bottom).
50 to 100 artists

Participating artists will receive the majority of the mint &

resale royalty proceeds

Why You Should Participate

If you are reading this, then we believe your work is very impressive and that
you would make an excellent addition to our artist team!
There are several major benefits to participating in the 5D Art World

to the established 5th Dimension community & web3
audiences. This is a great opportunity for artists who are interested in
expanding their careers into the web3 / NFT space but don’t know
where to startè

the 5th Dimension will take care of all the NFT minting
services for your art submission(s). All you have to do is create the artÄ
á is bright! You will earn the majority of the
mint & resale royalty proceeds. Resale royalties are earned everytime
your piece of art is resold. This lasts for as long as your art NFT exists on
the blockchain!
Quality exposure

Web3 servicing

The financial opportunity


How You Can Participate

Step 1: Fill out the Artist Info Form and schedule a call with our team.
Step 2: Once you are accepted, start working on your original piece(s) to
submit to the project collection.
Step 3: Submit your art! (Bonus points if you help us promote the project
Step 4: Enjoy the mint!
In order to participate, simply follow the following steps:

Artist Count: 50 to 100
Art Submission: 1 to 2 original
pieces per artist
When: January 2023 (may change)
Minting Proceeds Distribution:

Resale Royalties Distribution:
 Artists 50%
 5D Community 40%

 Developers 10%