Welcome to Quirksville!

Quirkies is an art-based project with a focus on community, culture, and building a globally recognized action sports brand. Quirkies launched early February 22' introducing 5,000 fresh and unique NFTs, created by @SyntribosStable and @Finch_O_N_E, into the ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Syntribos (aka Syn) entered the crypto space in 2013. Since then, he has been an early stage investor in several blue chip projects, most notably Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Cool Cats.

Finch is a life long artist who has been drawing on anything and everything since the time he can first remember. He is the creative genius behind the universally appreciated, family friendly, Quirkies art.

Each Quirkie represents the holder's personal companion and represents a metaverse persona that celebrates everyone's quirks. Each Quirkie was illustrated using several hundred traits of quirkiness.

From the project’s mission and vision statement:
“We are an art-based project with a focus on community and culture. We are inspired by our founders love of the surf/skate culture and look to implement this throughout our brand. We are above all else entirely inclusive and will always celebrate our own and everyone else's quirks.”

NFT Collections
Quirkies Originals:
Quirkies’ genesis collection launched in February 2022 with 5,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. As the name implies, Quirkies were created to celebrate everyone’s quirks — and the artwork follows suit. The collection is comprised of hundreds of traits so that community members can find a Quirkie that reflects their true self.

Quirkies are your companion and will become your metaverse persona through several hundred traits, of quirkiness. Quirksville is always expanding and as our brand grows, Quirkies holders can expect special access to the latest products, merchandise, and events.

The Quirkies team has intentionally steered away from incorporating rarity tiers into the collection, as they believe the community should base the value of a Quirkie NFT on its art, not a rarity score: “We have seen this play out, with the community valuing some more common traits higher due to their overall desirability.” 


Quirklings were launched in June 2022 as the companion collection to Quirkies, consisting of 10,000 NFTs.

“Quirkies have prospered throughout Quirksville, living in peace for thousands of years...

Suddenly an evil force flooded Quirkies homeland leaving them no choice but to send a brave few into the metaverse in search for their long lost allies, the Quirklings.

They will need to work together if they have any chance of defeating the evil that has begun to consume Quirksville…”

INX By Quirkies = V3 Brand and Logo
V3 = INX

The space is ready for art which actually resonates with them. Art which is worth the hours and days spent creating and fostering your community.

A name. A brand. Is just as important.


First option -
In order to get your hands on a INX, you'll need the following:
1) TWO FULLY EQUIPPED PYRAMIDS. This means your Pyramid of Incineration will need 4 rewards attached to it: 1 orb, 1 key, 1 hourglass and 1 skateboard. These rewards can be obtained by either questing Alpha or Omega sets each episode of Season 2 or buying the rewards separately on secondary marketplaces.

2 fully equipped pyramids + 2 +5000 quirklings = burn for 1 INX

Second Option -  
On a date that will be announced, Season 2 Questing will stop operating. At that time, a calculation will be done to determine the maximum number of INX that can be created through questing (based on rewards).

An INX pool will be created which can be minted with eth, still needing to burn 2 +5k quirklings. 

The Great Burn event will occur after Season 2 completion, which will then introduce INX.

INX Sneak peeks:
The Four Business Pillars
The overarching business ethos of Quirkies is 'You are intended'. We are a culture brand with four major business skews or 'pillars' which will enable us to build and grow into a global action sports culture brand. We celebrate everyone s quirks and are backed by a phenomenal community. 
Run by a team with cumulatively decades of business experience and advised by some of the most successful individuals in their chosen fields.

Quirkies Originals is a massive part of the culture which Quirkies was created around. Throughout our art you will see inspiration drawn from our love ot surting, skating and street culture. 
Quirkies originals will define our WEB2 presence creating a global action sports brand through our cutting edge apparel designed exclusively for Quirkies by our artist Finch One. 

We aim to build trust in the Quirkies brand through continued expansion and market recognition creating a true WEB2 - WEB3 funnel. 
A brand to inspire... A style to excite... A culture to live by... We live in a world that is constantly changing, shifting, moving, evolving. 
Quirkies Entertainment Productions is our way of telling both our brand story and our 
WEB3 lore. We are advised by Jesse Bryan from Belief Agency. an expert in the creative world building space to ensure our ethos is reflected in our WEB3 storytelling. 

Telling our story in a creative and emotional way is imperative both in our WEB2 and WEB3 skews of the business. This also leads into IRL activations such as comics, toys and other collectibles utilising our universally loved art which resonates with all demographics. 

Creating a true culture requires meaningful activations within the community and ecosystem from a grass root level. 

Surfing, skating actions sports culture remains our major WEB2 inspiration and our Quirk Culture skew aims to further entrech our brand throughout the surfing and skating communities.

We will achieve this through sponsorship and working closely with events and up and coming athletes who hold the same values and overall ethos of you are intended. 

Remember action sports are no longer limited just to Surfing or Skateboarding. The fastest growing of all is now esports. 

Quirkmasters is our esports activation creating a trading card strategy game for which our holders are the main distribution center of the most powerful cards within the ecosystem. 

We see this as synergistic with our action sports skews as we look to bring more individuals, particularly those within GENZ who will be major driving forces behind innovation and adoption of WEB3 gaming 

Along with our esports activation come future IRL possibilities such as corporate partnerships, and esports gaming tournaments. 
Questing Season Two

Season 2

This season included a soft staking mechanism which means your tokens remain in your wallet. Once quested, your quirkies and quirklings will update to include a map in the name. This will show people on trading platforms that the item cannot be bought.

Season 2 of questing is made up of four episodes, all which are 30 days long which include lore, rewards and GOO!

In order to quest you must have at least one Quirkie and one Quirkling to create a team to send on a quest. You can add an additional quirkling to a team for additional goo accruement (see below). But choose wisely! The additional quirkling should be one that you won't burn after Season 2 - otherwise you'll need to unquest it from the team and will lose goo for that team.

There are two main rewards to questing. At the end of each 30 day period, each quested team will be rewarded with an item. These items have 5 different rarities and are used to add to the pyramid of incineration which, at a later date, will be used as part of the ‘GREAT BURN’. The second reward is GOO which is earned for as long as your team continues to quest - even after season 2 has finished. GOO is an off-chain counter which we will be using to track those who are early adopters in the Quirksville ecosystem and particularly those who are loyal to questing for the long term betterment of Quirkies and Quirklings everywhere. GOO is associated with your Quirkie OG and if you un-quest your team you will lose your GOO.

The teams you put together and choices you make determine the good multiplier per team. These multipliers are set out below:
• Omega Set - 1x
• Alpha Set - 2.5x
• Quirkling 1/1 - 3x
• Quirkie 1/1 - 5x
• Any additional Quirkling - 1.5x

Season 2 Rewards

Season 2 Rewards:

Season 2, Episode 1 - Orbs (5 LEVELS)

Level 1: Mystic Orb

Level 2: Sorcerous Orb

Level 3: Supernatural Orb

Level 4: Orphic Orb

Level 5: Eternal Orb

Season 2, Episode 2 - Keys (5 LEVELS)

LEVEL 1: Solstice Key

LEVEL 2: Echo Key
Level 3: Ember Key
LEVEL 4: Arcane Key
LEVEL 5: Prism Key

SEASON 2, EPISODE 3 - Hourglass (5 Levels)

LEVEL 1: Dreamweaver Chronocapsule
LEVEL 2: Fey Timekeeper

LEVEL 3: Twilight Sandsphere

LEVEL 4: Sorcery Hourglass

LEVEL 5: Eldritch Tempus Turner

Quirkies founders are working to deliver a bridge between web2 and web3 by building the brand around both IRL and online experiences—from surf- and skate-inspired streetwear and IRL events to branded metaverse experiences. 


Quirkies NFTs represent memberships that give holders global access to exclusive IRL events and experiences.

There are four membership tiers based on the tokens you hold.

Alpha (Tier 4): OG Quirkie & Qurkling with matching id numbers

Omega (Tier 3):
OG Quirkie & Qurkling with non matching id numbers

Gama (Tier 2):
OG Quirkie

Delta (Tier 1):

Alpha tier membership gives you highest access to any tiered rewards and consists of holding a Quirkie and its numbers matching Quirkling. Omega tier is any OG Quirkie along with any Quirkling set. Gamma tier is reached by holding an OG Quirkie. Delta tier consists of holding a single Quirkling. 


The owner of a Quirkie owns the art IP. They may use the image as they wish so long as they own that particular Quirkie. Use of the image for profit must cease upon sale. Although the holder owns the IP they do not own any Quirkies logos or other art used and therefore cannot use it without written approval.


The Quirkies team has future plans to build a metaverse where Quirkies NFTs can “flex their powers.” In the meantime, the team is working towards bringing the creatures into existing metaverses. In October 2022, Quirkies announced a partnership with Helix Metaverse to airdrop in-game assets like digital wearables to Quirkies holders.


Apparel Map
“The team is working to deliver a true bridge between WEB2 and 3. We continue to build both infrastructures concurrently and look forward to launching our fully fledged streetwear brand, including some amazing IP surprises”

Quirkies 1st Edition Apparel
The very first Quirkies merch drop consisted of a limited run of shirts & hoodies with a “1st edition'' special tag, hats and a limited edition skate deck.
Because Quirkies is also a brand, the intention is to have a globally accessible store with Quirkies apparel available to anyone who would like to purchase. The reveal of the apparel roadmap includes tier drops, irl event drops and more!

Questing Season One

Season 1

Season 1 involves questing (staking) any of your quirkies or quirklings for 30 days. When the 30 days is complete, you will be able to claim the remaining Quirkmasters trait cards as a pack (5 traits, 2 cards per trait = 10 cards in each trait pack).

These trait card packs are personalized with each quirkie or quirkling displayed on the front. The packs are not openable as of now, this feature will come in the future (as the Quirkmasters game develops).


The official Quirkies lore is delivered by the Twitter page, but the community is also building out their own lore based on characters they have created. 

Part I

Quirkies are an ancient race filled with a rich and glorious history. Evolving throughout a millennia, the story of the Quirkies will give insight to those in search of what comes next… With the ability to travel through time, space, and dimensions beyond our understanding.

Quirkies have battled hardships… No matter the struggle Quirkies have faced, they work together, for each other and for you.

Naturally, Quirkies are leaders, pioneers, innovators, creators, and builders. As for the community the Quirkies have created, it’s quirking awesome.

Along the way, Quirkies have picked up on a few of our traits and styles, and have been leading the way to teach and welcome the newest members of Quirksville, with room for more.

Part II

It’s said in Quirk mythology that when a Quirkie is born, so is a Quirkling. Tied together at the soul the Quirkies [sic] to explore innovate, and create. But Quirklings are different. They were sent to protect. 

The squid’s strategy was simple: overrun and take the Quirklings. They stood their ground, but wave after wave, they kept coming. 

Twitter Spaces & Calendar
The Quirkies community is very active and they host regular Twitter Spaces throughout the week, some regularly scheduled and other are at random.

Recently, we have shifted our focus to Monday and Friday. Monday we will have Twitter Spaces hosted by long time members of Quirksville. Friday is going to be focused on Syn and his youtube channel where we will hear updates and announcements as well as having a place to ask Syn questions.

Quirkmasters Card Game
Quirkmasters is a trading card game within the Quirksville ecosystem aimed at rewarding holders, expanding the Quirksville ecosystem without dilution and increasing the reach of the Quirkies brand via entry into the ever growing e-sports sector. We continue to strive to be a leading culture brand celebrating each and every persons Quirks, with an overarching ethos of ‘ You are intended’.

Card Distribution, Claiming and value for holders
Quirkmasters cards will initially sit on the ethereum blockchain and will be available to buy/sell via allow listed exchanges (Opensea etc.)

Unlike traditional IRL card games where the participant must purchase booster or expansion packs, Quirkie and Quirkling holders will be the distribution to supply the broader ecosystem.

Initially Quirkmasters cards will relate directly back to Quirkie/Quirkling traits. Lets use the upcoming claim which is only for Quirkies as the working example.

The first trait card being distributed will be in relation to the BACKGROUND trait of Quirkies. So, if you own a Quirkie with a Misty Turquoise background, you will be able to claim 2 Misty Turquoise trading cards.

We are however leaving this claim period open ended and flexible. Why? Well maybe you want to only claim 1 card and leave the other card attached to the Quirkie for future resale. Or maybe you don't check discord or twitter often, you will feel safe knowing that any cards available to claim will remain soul bound to your quirkie or quirkling until the point that they are claimed. This creates further gamification of buying and selling quirks and quirklings as they may have numerous unclaimed cards attached.

The claims will be staggered over time separated by Quirkie / Quirklings and then by traits. Our second claim will be a Quirkling trait which we have yet to announce. This in itself solves an issue many projects currently face of having regular and consistent meaningful deliverables.

Card details and why they are not static…

The cards will at first display very few details in relation to power. This is because we plan to incorporate community value into the game power economics. Is a particular card trading at multiples of others at the same rarity? This is information we want to be able to apply to the card dynamics. This also avoids people overpaying for cards which in turn might be re-balanced in the near term.

What will be determined at claim and be visible immediately is where your cards sit on our rarity / power index. The cards will be split into 5 categories which will be clearly differentiated by the visual card graphics.

This enables us to build community value into our cards while also applying a form of rarity and power into the cards upfront.

Like any active trading card game we expect power dynamics to change over time, these 5 categories allow us to balance cards in tandem to avoid any perceived value dilution.

Future burn mechanisms and economics

Quirkmasters allows for an enormous amount of extremely exciting and creative ways to gamify both the trading of cards but also the randomisation of minting which we all love.

As we build out Quirkmasters we are concurrently building burning mechanisms which will assist in giving increased value proposition to less rare or sought after traits.

This can be through burning X number of cards with the reward being certain power or action cards only available through the burning mechanism. We are also able to build card class and category into this randomisation to allow for greater chances at extremely rare or powerful card rewards.

An ever changing ecosystem

One of the most exciting parts of Quirkmasters for the team and holders is its endless possibilities and applications. From corporate IP partnership to cross community WEB3 involvements.

This not only invites numerous external parties into Quirksville it also provides Quirksville with a WEB3 native deliverable to go hand in hand with our continued push into WEB2 culture and our Action Sports brand.

Remember action sports is no longer limited just to Surfing or skating — the fastest growing of all is now e-sports. Whether we are ridiculed for it or not, we are here to build an empire and this is just the beginning.
Quirksville Advisory Board

Since the February 2022 mint, the collection has experienced a high of more than 6 ETH per NFT but has taken a back seat. Of course, the slowdown can be attributed to the bearish sentiment flooding the entire NFT market.

The Quirkies NFT collection features hundreds of traits, so each owner can find one that reflects their true self. This allows owners to have more of a bond with their digital creatures. If you cannot decide which one best reflects your personality, nothing stops you from getting another one.

The team plans to have only 5,000 Quirkies, not adding anymore aside from their companions. The cost to mint your very own Quirkie was 0.05 ETH in February. It is a pretty sweet deal compared to the current floor price. The initial mint allowed two mints per whitelist spot and five mints per account during the public sale. Therefore, the pool of owners has been kept relatively small. It is still unsure if the team plans to expand this pool in the future.

Qm = Quirkie Morning
Gn = Quirkie Night
LFQ = Lets fucking quirk
Quircome = Welcome
Quirkish = Bullish
Quirked out = Priced Out
Very Quirky = Very nice
Quirkfam = All family members
We Quirk It = Well make it
Quirkin around = Hanging around
Still Quirkin Since = Invested since
Im Quirkin Out = Feeling extra good
Lets Get Quirky = Jump in
Quirk  = Good
Quirk Quirk = Agreeing with someone or a small greeting from Quirk to Quirk
Get To Quirkin = Lets go
Oh My, I Just Quirked = (no need to explain)