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Welcome to Quirksville!

Quirkies is an art-based project with a focus on community, culture, and building a globally recognized action sports brand. Quirkies launched early February 22' introducing 5,000 fresh and unique NFTs, created by @SyntribosStable and @Finch_O_N_E, into the ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

Syntribos (aka Syn) entered the crypto space in 2013. Since then, he has been an early stage investor in several blue chip projects, most notably Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Cool Cats.

Finch is a life long artist who has been drawing on anything and everything since the time he can first remember. He is the creative genius behind the universally appreciated, family friendly, Quirkies art.

Each Quirkie represents the holder's personal companion and represents a metaverse persona that celebrates everyone's quirks. Each Quirkie was illustrated using several hundred traits of quirkiness.

From the project’s mission and vision statement:
“We are an art-based project with a focus on community and culture. We are inspired by our founders love of the surf/skate culture and look to implement this throughout our brand. We are above all else entirely inclusive and will always celebrate our own and everyone else's quirks.”



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Quirkstep 1: Launch Mint and build out the Quirky Community from those who have supported us from the beginning

Quirkstep 2: See all the amazing clothing pieces the Quirkies are rocking! Soon you will be rocking them too! We will give Quirkies exclusive access to limited-run merchandise with multiple runs of new styles each year. How is this determined? Maybe your Quirkie has something to do with it?

Quirkstep 3: Bring Quirksville into the metaverse. Begin building Quirksville in the broader metaverse, creating a space for our community to share and promote their creative side. While also giving you a way to bring and utilize your Quirkie in the broader space.

Quirkstep 4: Quirkies need companions to keep from being lonely - but when will the snapshot for this be taken? You might be well served to always have a Qurikie on hand just in case. Remember, we support those who support us!

Quirkstep 5: IRL membership for Quirkies globally gives access to events and exclusive membership.
Since the February 2022 mint, the collection has experienced a high of more than 6 ETH per NFT but has taken a back seat. Of course, the slowdown can be attributed to the bearish sentiment flooding the entire NFT market.

The Quirkies NFT collection features hundreds of traits, so each owner can find one that reflects their true self. This allows owners to have more of a bond with their digital creatures. If you cannot decide which one best reflects your personality, nothing stops you from getting another one.

The team plans to have only 5,000 Quirkies, not adding anymore aside from their companions. The cost to mint your very own Quirkie was 0.05 ETH in February. It is a pretty sweet deal compared to the current floor price. The initial mint allowed two mints per whitelist spot and five mints per account during the public sale. Therefore, the pool of owners has been kept relatively small. It is still unsure if the team plans to expand this pool in the future.
The official Quirkies lore is delivered by the Twitter page, but the community is also building out their own lore based on characters they have created. 

Part I

Quirkies are an ancient race filled with a rich and glorious history. Evolving throughout a millennia, the story of the Quirkies will give insight to those in search of what comes next… With the ability to travel through time, space, and dimensions beyond our understanding.

Quirkies have battled hardships… No matter the struggle Quirkies have faced, they work together, for each other and for you.

Naturally, Quirkies are leaders, pioneers, innovators, creators, and builders. As for the community the Quirkies have created, it’s quirking awesome.

Along the way, Quirkies have picked up on a few of our traits and styles, and have been leading the way to teach and welcome the newest members of Quirksville, with room for more.

Part II

It’s said in Quirk mythology that when a Quirkie is born, so is a Quirkling. Tied together at the soul the Quirkies [sic] to explore innovate, and create. But Quirklings are different. They were sent to protect. 

The squid’s strategy was simple: overrun and take the Quirklings. They stood their ground, but wave after wave, they kept coming. 

Quirkies originals

Quirkies’ genesis collection launched in February 2022 with 5,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. As the name implies, Quirkies were created to celebrate everyone’s quirks — and the artwork follows suit. The collection is comprised of hundreds of traits so that community members can find a Quirkie that reflects their true self.

Quirkies are your companion and will become your metaverse persona through several hundred traits, of quirkiness. Quirksville is always expanding and as our brand grows, Quirkies holders can expect special access to the latest products, merchandise, and events.


The Quirkies team has intentionally steered away from incorporating rarity tiers into the collection, as they believe the community should base the value of a Quirkie NFT on its art, not a rarity score: “We have seen this play out, with the community valuing some more common traits higher due to their overall desirability.” 


Quirklings were launched in June 2022 as the companion collection to Quirkies, consisting of 10,000 NFTs.

“Quirkies have prospered throughout Quirksville, living in peace for thousands of years...

Suddenly an evil force flooded Quirkies homeland leaving them no choice but to send a brave few into the metaverse in search for their long lost allies, the Quirklings.

They will need to work together if they have any chance of defeating the evil that has begun to consume Quirksville…”

Quirkies founders are working to deliver a bridge between web2 and web3 by building the brand around both IRL and online experiences—from surf- and skate-inspired streetwear and IRL events to branded metaverse experiences. 

Community membership

Quirkies NFTs represent memberships that give holders global access to exclusive IRL events and experiences. There are four membership tiers based on the tokens you hold. Alpha tier membership gives you highest access to any tiered rewards and consists of holding a Quirkie and its numbers matching Quirkling. Omega tier is any OG Quirkie along with any Quirkling set. Gamma tier is reached by holding an OG Quirkie. Delta tier consists of holding a single Quirkling. 
Commercial usage

The owner of a Quirkie owns the art IP. They may use the image as they wish so long as they own that particular Quirkie. Use of the image for profit must cease upon sale. Although the holder owns the IP they do not own any Quirkies logos or other art used and therefore cannot use it without written approval.

Read: Quirkies IP Guidelines and Terms of Use


The Quirkies team has future plans to build a metaverse where Quirkies NFTs can “flex their powers.” In the meantime, the team is working towards bringing the creatures into existing metaverses. In October 2022, Quirkies announced a partnership with Helix Metaverse to airdrop in-game assets like digital wearables to Quirkies holders.

Apparel Map
“The team is working to deliver a true bridge between WEB2 and 3. We continue to build both infrastructures concurrently and look forward to launching our fully fledged streetwear brand, including some amazing IP surprises”

Quirkies 1st Edition Apparel
The very first Quirkies merch drop consisted of a limited run of shirts & hoodies with a “1st edition'' special tag, hats and a limited edition skate deck.
Quirklings 1st Edition Apparel
The very first Quirklings merch drop consisted of a limited run of shirts & hoodies with a “1st edition” special tag, hats, shorts and socks.
Because Quirkies is also a brand, the intention is to have a globally accessible store with Quirkies apparel available to anyone who would like to purchase. The reveal of the apparel roadmap includes tier drops, irl event drops and more!
Quirkies Apparel store coming soon.

The Quirkies community is very active and they host regular Twitter Spaces throughout the week, some regularly scheduled and other are at random. Recently, we have shifted our focus to Monday and Friday. Monday we will have Twitter Spaces hosted by long time members of Quirksville. Friday is going to be focused on Syn and his youtube channel where we will hear updates and announcements as well as having a place to ask Syn questions.