What are Quirklings?
Quirkling Art

Quirkies have prospered throughout Quirksville, living in peace for thousands of years...
Suddenly an evil force flooded Quirkies homeland leaving them no choice but to send a brave few into the metaverse in search for their long lost allies, the Quirklings.
They will need to work together if they have any chance of defeating the evil that has begun to consume Quirksville... 

Quirklings are the secondary collection to Quirkies Originals and includes 10,000 - all sub5k belonging to subsequent OGs, completing alpha sets. 

The remaining 5,001+ can be used for "The Great Burn" - an event which will take place after Season 2 ends (which consists of 4 episodes, each episode being 30 days in length).

The Quirklings collection will become deflationary as holders will be required to burn 2 5001+ QL's plus 2 Pyramids of Incineration in order to create 1 of the 3rd collection. So overall ecosystem size could potentially shrink from a max of 15,000 (Quirkies + Quirklings), down to 12,500 (Quirkies + Quirklings + v3).
Quirkling Lore
What are Quirklings? Who are they? Why are they in Quirksville? How do they fit into the Quirkies narrative? 

Let's find out...
First Image is Last Page of Quirkies Comic, Then Pages 1-3 of Quirklings

Pages 4-7
Pages 8-10
Quirksville Advisory Board
We take great pleasure in announcing the first member of Quirksville’s Advisory Board, Steve Brudzewski, Founder of Top Drawer Merch.

With global aspirations, having partners with proven global scalability is imperative and puts us at the forefront of the WEB3 apparel sector.
- October 10, 2022

We are thrilled to welcome @jessebryan, Founding Partner and CEO of @beliefagency to the Quirksville Advisory Board.

Telling Quirksvilles truth is imperative. Having access to a global leader in the creative space will ensure our brand and story remains at the forefront of WEB3.
- November 11, 2022

We are excited to announce our newest Quirksville Advisory Board Member, Frank Rothman (@fintechjunkie), co-founder of @QEDInvestors.

Gaining access to an industry leader such as Frank continues to validate Quirkies long term vision of becoming a global brand in both WEB2 + 3.
- November 4, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Anna Rosenthal to our Advisory Board.

We are striving to be a global brand & a global movement. Having access to Anna’s global advertising experience places us in pole position to be the WEB3 brand who can achieve this.
- November 26, 2022

We are thrilled to announce Vishal Ratti as our newest addition to the Quirkies Advisory Board.

Vishal has invaluable experience working with & advising some of the largest firms globally.
- February 13, 2023

Quirklings minted as the secondary collection to Quirkies Originals on June 2, 2022. 5,000 of the supply via Whitelist and Public at 0.2eth, and 5,000 claimed for free by owning an OG Quirkie - which had matching ID #'s. A Matching ID Quirkie + Quirklings = what is known as an "Alpha Set" (the highest tier of membership in Quirksville).
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  • https://www.success.com/a-quirkie-story-take-a-look-inside-one-of-the-most-exciting-nft-projects-with-the-founder-syntribos/
  • https://quirkiesoriginals.medium.com/quirkmasters-a-brief-introduction-85151c53ff86