WARNING: One or more users have reported this project for the following reasons:
  • The project's team failed to deliver on roadmap items despite earnest efforts from the team and there is currently no work being done. (failed project)
R Planet is a community that contributes to projects/initiatives that have a positive impact on R planet and the people who live in it.  Our Company has the team, experience and passion for building a portfolio of assets and partnerships connecting Purpose and Profit in the areas of sustainability, renewable energy, and affordable housing.

R Planet and our parent company has the team and track record to execute on purpose projects: building large scale carbon reduction facilities and businesses; contributing to over 200 affordable housing developments and counting; working with Harvard Center for the developing child to understand mental health and addiction.

For our project, we will be initially focusing 20% of our minting proceeds to support R Purpose Projects across the following themes:

Mental Health
Providing access, resources and support to licensed therapy, tools and counseling services

Offsetting the carbon used to mint initial collection, and supporting projects that advance sustainability in web3 and in physical world.

Inclusivity and Equitable Wealth Creation
Supporting art, creators, projects, and investments that are led by, or in support of, underrepresented and undercapitalized minorities.

We have a pipeline of Purpose Projects identified, and will start announcing our first Projects soon after mint!

When envisioning the R Planet beings, we were inspired by the concept of metamorphosis, uniqueness and the gifts we hold within ourselves - art should be as powerful and unique as we all are!

Citizens of R Planet live in a reality that mirrors our own where powers, gifts, talents, and culture fuse and are used to create the world they live in. On R Planet, actions matter and help develop the gifts tied to each PFP, which will be paired with surprises that holders uncover over time.

The Genesis collection is R Planet’s first utility-driven art NFT collection composed of 8,888 unique hand-crafted pieces living on the blockchain as ERC 721 tokens. This exclusive drop represents the first entry point for early supporters of the R ecosystem to earn, claim and purchase future products in and out of the Web3 world.

Some of what you can expect from the genesis collection PFP:

  • Earn rewards the longer you hold, unlocking access to digital and physical goods & experiences
  • Exclusive membership pass to virtual & IRL events, airdrops and giveaways
  • Access to a network of purpose-oriented leaders, community members and builders
  • Connect to off-chain assets and purpose initiatives
  • Support a series of artists & creators and co-own community selected projects
  • Access to R Planet-related drops and tokens created for the ecosystem
  • Do good sh*t in the world -  Submit proposals to drive $$ and awareness to initiatives important to our community

“When we envisioned the R Planet ecosystem, we brainstormed amazing ideas for our web3 community. This isn’t a roadmap, these are the ideas we will bring to fruition with the help and collaboration from the community. We are excited to embark on this journey with you.” From RPlant’s Wiki

Grants and Work Programs

Calling all builders, artists, and creatives. Our community is full of talented wanderers that want to use their skills and passion for R Planet to create for and contribute to the community. We are committed to empower and provide grants to excellent members with great ideas through a grants program. We are working through the legal framework and application process.

We are committed to supporting the career growth of our Wanderers and will collaborate with Web3 career placement platforms and communities to better connect our enthusiasts with professional opportunities.

R Ambassadors  

From casual hangouts to sharing inspiring stories of impact in your community, we recognize the power in community-run spaces and events (whether in Discord, on Twitter, or IRL). Our community shares R Planet DNA and we are committed to supporting and nurturing these community-building activities

R Planet is your planet, we will be calling on all community builders and enthusiasts across the globe to help enrich our space both IRL and online. First step - Join the Discord and choose the “Pathfinder” role. Join this space!

R Studio

We will be launching the R Studio program which will celebrate and support artistic expression and the diversity of life both on R Planet and in our world, by inviting traditional and non-traditional artists, partners, and community members to help us co-build the sights, sounds and species of R Planet. Voted on by our community, winners will be amplified and promoted by the R Planet into the web3 ecosystem. Stay tuned!

R Karma - Tying Cause to your Digital Identity  

Our genesis NFT was designed to empower holders to participate in an interactive, impact-centered experience that we call R Karma. Putting the community in the driver's seat on realizing critical impact goals.

Members of our community will have the ability to join the Karma Council, submit proposals for consideration for causes and initiatives they care about, and vote to forever improve the conditions of members of our community, our world, and others that live within it.

The R Planet Ecosystem

R Planet holders will earn $pecie tokens through time-based mechanisms that can be used within R ecosystem.  Simple terms - for each day you hold, you earn more $pecie. Each NFT holder’s time will start the moment they mint or purchase the NFT and for each day you hold, you earn more tokens.

In the coming months, holders will be able to burn/redeem $pecie for a range of physical and digital items, IRL experiences, upgrades to your PFP, limited edition merch and swag, Allowlists for future collections or collaborations, and more.

More importantly, holding multiple R Planet NFTs will earn a multiplier on rewards.


DAOs are an exciting area of the crypto space today. As big believers in democratizing access to impact investments, we are keen to bring you along for this journey as an investor. We will explore various governance structures that work best with our investment expertise and our community, reiterating on areas that need improvement, before moving onto bigger vehicles.

The regulatory framework for DAOs is also something that is continuing to evolve - and we always do our homework. A good resource: A Legal Framework for DAOs

Thematic Impact Tokens

We have to stay hush hush on this for now ..... but holders will get first details as soon as we can share.


The R Planet team believes in the power of partnership to drive significant value for both brand and community. We have already locked in some exciting Web2 & Web3 partnerships that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and will continue to look to collaborate with great brands and projects that align with our vision and mission. These will also be featured in our Digital Storefront which will continue to evolve.temperature changes.

Geeta Sankappanavar, Founder
$B+ serial entrepreneur, business builder, investor, and community leader seeking to have a positive impact on the world. Founded, built, and IPO’d multiple companies and is a builder in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ex Mckinsey and MIT. Recognized as an international thought leader, she has been honored as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women (4X), and serves as the Chair of the Board of Governors for the University of Calgary ( the youngest and first visible minority Chair to serve), board member of UNICEF Canada, the Palix Foundation supporting the areas of early childhood development, addiction, and mental health, as a board member of Axis Connects to advance diversity in the business community.
🔗LinkedIn   🔗 Twitter

Chelsea Maclin, Co-Founder
Working at the intersection of emerging tech, human connection, and impact, Chelsea has helped build companies like LTK ($2B) and Bumble ($12B IPO) that serve womxn and underrepresented communities. Joined Bumble as the 7th team member to lead marketing and brand through 100 million downloads and $12B IPO. She currently advises, angel invests, and mentors underrepresented founders.
🔗LinkedIn  🔗 Twitter

Ashley Vickers, Co-Founder
Trend spotter, growth supporter, and business builder. An early crypto native and advocate for the industry’s growth and ownership economy. Passionate about financial empowerment and independence, resulting in more optionality for those most vulnerable. Web3 has the potential to address financial wealth barriers and create financial opportunity and empowerment for all. Previously she worked alongside Geeta in building and IPO’ing $billion companies and is passionate about directing capital to underserved and underrepresented areas. Now….. she is bringing that expertise to web3.
🔗 LinkedIn   🔗 Twitter

Michele Tobin, Partnerships
Leader in partnerships connecting some of the largest corporations and brands in the gaming, sports, dating and advertising verticals. Drove partner-led strategic growth and delivered hundreds of millions of $ in revenue for brands including Bumble, Rovio (makers of the Angry Birds family of games! Who wasn’t obsessed with those lil guys?!), Grindr and DraftKings. Passionate about supporting under-represented founders by both investing in and advising women and minority-led startups. She is also a fierce advocate for animal rescues because every creature big and small deserves a happy loving home.
🔗 LinkedIn   🔗 Twitter

Riley Messina, Marketing Lead
Living at the corner of where customer meets community and brand meets brand activation. Previously managing over 200+ ambassadors & influencers for Bumble, scaling 300% in a single year. Passionate about helping brands find authentic connections with their communities. New to web3 — but on a mission to make it not only be seen, be heard, but be understood.
🔗 LinkedIn   🔗 Twitter

Warren Lee, Community Manager
Over a decade building and managing communities in the Esports sector. Deep focus on building heightened community and interactive experiences. Traveling all over the world to help produce tournaments and also working with gaming festivals such as Quakecon and Dreamhack. Firmly believes in the power of joining together people with passion and technology and Web3 as the next big frontier. Ready to build!!
 🔗 Twitter

Pat Yiu
Pat Yiu
Gamer, web3 native, contributor for ETHDenver, contributor to Culture, and Society DAO, member of CPG, BAYC, and PadawanDAO, Pat helped launched a successful sell out of Azuki NFT. Previously CEO of Hexing Esports - representing brands such as esports festival company DreamHack and a two-time TI-winning team 

Bored Room Ventures (BRV) - Josh Ong
Bored Room Ventures is a top consulting agency and NFT fund focused on the web3 ecosystem. Born from the mind of NFT thought leaders Josh Ong and Won Kim, their platform includes experts on community building, productization, and marketing - BRV specializes in bringing impactful moments and experiences to the web3 ecosystem. Other partners include: Josh Ong: @beijingdou, VonDoom: @CryptoVonDoom, Baron: @theeHustleHouse, Kristina: @flynnKristina, Laura Rod: @theMiamiApe

Project Godjira
Project Godjira
One of the most active tier 1 NFT collections, composed of 333 Genesis Godjira and 3,333 Gen2s run by the Godjira council. The council, made up of community representatives and early investors who bought a 1/1 genesis Godjira, is the governing body and decides which strategic direction the project takes. 

Founder and CEO of Web3 projects ZenAcademy and The 333 Club. Previously a professional poker player, he has now built a full-time career in web3 as a powerful advocate and voice for the sector. Zeneca is a Strategic Advisor to the project assisting in the productization and execution of the vision. 

Leading Entertainment Marketing agency led by former CAA, UTA and WME execs who went from representing top talent, to representing top brands. FV have worked with some of the largest names in Web2 and Web3, and are deeply focused on bridging pop culture moments with web3 culture.  

Hypotenuse Labs
Leader in DeFi + NFTs + Infra with experience building products for some of the world’s largest tech brands. experts in building ai and blockchain products. Team previously worked with Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, and Mozilla, data scientists for Uber, and former software engineers at AWS.

NFT Collection

Art Breakdown

Ranking Type Distribution
14 Legendaries 

Once regular Curators, Legendaries have become the embodiment of their GFT’s; specializing their methods around their uniquely developed abilities. As the most powerful beings on R Planet, they travel and transport between realities and are often called upon by uniquely struggling communities seeking aid.
525 Mystics

Mystics have traversed many realms and have mastered multiple GFTs that have manifested in their vibrant eyes or hair. Known for their wisdom and intellect - they have a grasp of their GFTs making them a frequent stop for wanderers first setting out on their path and seeking advice
​​ 1680 Specials

Specials have practiced their respective fields long enough to be idolized in the R Planet universe. They have used their GFTs for the good of Wanderers through economics, agriculture, education, equality, health and livelihood, among others. They have fully developed their GFTs, and many have also developed secondary abilities
6634 Cores

Cores make up the majority of the R-Planet genesis collection. Although they have obtained GFTs, they have not yet walked their Paths long enough to realize their full potential. They are the hardest working people in R-Planet and have subtle traits and characteristics that are more than meets the eye.

📊 Trait Breakdown

The Genesis Collection is composed of 543unique traits across 12 total categories (art and non-art attributes), that will generate our 8,888 unique R-Planet NFT characters. The trait categories are as follows:

Art Traits

 Hair 240
 Costume 240
 Tattoo 21
 Hand Object 18
 Earring 17
 Face accessory 10
 Eyes 8
 Background 8
 Mouth 6

Non-art traits

 GFT's 16
 Character 17
 Type 4

Lore and Gift Abilities
R Planet represents a world in parallel to our own. Our world can impact R Planet and conversely, R Planet can impact our world. Lore will be built out with talented community writers and contributors post mint, but to start with, let’s give our beings some powers. Every being is born with a GFT. Some examples of GFTs you will see in the art and traits include:

Hyper Speed: The wind at their heels and all of R Planet to explore, they move at lightning speeds and are always early to the party.

Super Strength: Capable of incredible feats of strength and endurance, positioning them to be both builders and protectors of R Planet.

Super Sight:  Enhanced vision that allows them to see with amazing clarity/detail, distance, and color. Extra special abilities include seeing in the dark, perceiving things that are too small for the naked eye, seeing distant objects and beings in a magnified scale, and even have incredible accuracy and/or precision.

Storm Power: Can sense, channel, shape, create and manipulate the weather, the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog, and temperature changes.

Water Warping: Create, shape, and manipulate water, inorganic liquid compounds, gas (steam, water vapor), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to others.

Air Bending: One with this ability can psychically direct air currents as though Telekinesis. They can physically control the temperature and intensity of wind currents, at will. They can also psychically use wind to propel oneself and/or chosen targets (i.e. walking, gliding, levitation, flight).

Energy Wielding: They can create, shape, and manipulate energy. Common physical forms of energy include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the radiant energy carried by light and other electromagnetic radiation, and various types of potential energy such as gravitational and elastic.

Light Bending: The power to manipulate visible light and to concentrate this into beams of light to illuminate rooms and stadiums if needed or focus it to create heat like a magnifying glass. They may also be able to refract light to change colors of visible light.