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Rektguy Art

"Down bad but never dead."

The rektguy NFT project is a collection of images featuring the rektguy character. While limited information has been released, the project's website describes rektguy as "art and pfps and stuff." As for utility and roadmap, the project's humorous response is simply "lol."

Despite the limited details, let's explore what we know so far. The rektguy character symbolizes a devastated NFT/crypto trader following a price crash, with "rekt" being a misspelling of "wrecked." This depiction resonates with many traders given the current market conditions. The artwork portrays a hooded skeleton finding solace in drinking, a relatable image for crypto/NFT traders.

The rektguy NFT collection initially planned for a maximum of 10,740 mints. However, the team adjusted the maximum supply to 11,000 to account for NFTs that would not be minted. OSF tweeted that they communicated an allowlist schedule and provided a week for interested individuals to prepare before taking a snapshot. The official mint date was not announced, allowing time for preparations and planning.

The minting process began on May 21 at 5 PM EST and lasted for six days, closing on May 27 at 5 PM EST. The intention was to avoid creating FOMO (fear of missing out) and concerns about high gas fees during a limited mint period. In the end, a total of 8,814 rektguy NFTs were minted out of the overall supply.

Born from the artistic musings of a former trader turned digital artist, Rektguy was conceived by the creative mind of OSF, in collaboration with co-founders Mando and AlienQueen. The character, an intriguing translucent skull, was a motif that frequently echoed in his digital artistry. Interestingly, the original image of this distinctive character was first doodled in OSF's notebook, a product of idle moments in his old job.

OSF imagined it as a unique, standout profile picture, a digital emblem of sorts, but never anticipated it becoming 'a thing'. The seed of the idea took root in OSF's mind in January 2022. It was a concept nurtured on the side, away from the glare of mainstream projects, slowly maturing until its unveiling in May 2022.

Co-founder Mando played a crucial role in refining the rarity structure of Rektguy, ensuring it achieved collecting perfection. Meanwhile, AlienQueen contributed her unique artistic style, crafting 10 custom one-of-one Rektguys. The development work was completed by OSF's brothers, truly making Rektguy a family project.

The character was somewhat semi-autobiographical, embodying OSF's admiration for the idea of getting "rekt". Hence, the name "Rektguy" was coined, encapsulating the essence of the character in its raw, unfiltered form.

What made Rektguy truly unique was OSF's intention behind its creation. It was not conceived as a moneymaking venture, but rather, as a token of appreciation for his continuous supporters. Rektguy was offered as a free mint to those who held OSF's art or those invested in the original project "Degenz", a collaboration between OSF and Mando. In addition, a public mint was also made available, opening the doors for wider appreciation and adoption of this remarkable character.

Thus, Rektguy came to life, an emblem of artistic expression and a testament to the unexpected journeys that creativity can take.
The Rise of the Patron
In the aftermath of Rektguy's initial success, which saw a peak floor price of 1.2ETH in May 2022, interest began to wane as the tide of public opinion turned. Many assumed Rektguy would merely become another forgotten NFT project, destined to fade into obscurity.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn with the arrival of an anonymous collector known as "The Patron of the ReRenaissance". Armed with punchy comments and a relentless passion for the project, The Patron began to aggressively accumulate rare and aesthetically pleasing Rektguys.
His perspective on the art was distinct and visionary. He saw OSF not just as a digital artist, but as a modern Michelangelo, perceiving layers of depth and meaning in the Rektguy art that even its creators, OSF and Mando, had not fully recognised.

The Patron's unyielding enthusiasm and dogged pursuit of Rektguys started to alter the community's perception of the collection. His appreciation for the artistry and cultural significance of Rektguys encouraged others to view the project from a similar lens. This change in perception gave birth to new concepts, such as the meanings behind certain traits and the popularisation of "trait sets".

Through his fervent support and tireless efforts, The Patron not only revived interest in the project but also paved the way for Rektguys to be seen as more than just NFTs. His influence helped to establish them as cultural and artistic symbols in the digital world, marking the rise of The Patron as an instrumental figure in the Rektguy narrative.
eRektguy: The First Creative Offspring

Rektguy, as a project, is defined by its Creative Commons Zero (CC0) designation. For those unfamiliar, a CC0 designation means that the creator has relinquished all rights to their work, effectively placing it into the public domain. This allows anyone to freely use, modify, or distribute the work for any purpose, even commercially, without needing to obtain permission or give credit.

With such freedom, it was inevitable that Rektguy derivatives and homages would soon begin to surface. Creative minds within the community were quick to see the potential in remixing and repurposing the distinctive Rektguy designs.

The first ever official derivative to emerge was a piece affectionately known as eRektguy. This imaginative creation was the brainchild of Sasha, a long-standing moderator for Degenz. eRektguy, living up to its name, features a Rektguy accompanied by a rather cheeky, animated appendage. This playful addition, while perhaps a bit risqué, was met with much amusement within the community.

eRektguy quickly became a hit, its bold concept and humorous execution making it a memorable part of Rektguy history. Even though some members of the community remark that it's something that can't be "unseen", it's remembered with a sense of fond amusement. eRektguy stands as a testament to the creative freedom and playful spirit that the CC0 designation of Rektguy encourages.
The Ideologies Behind Rektguy

The term "rekt" is one most familiar to those immersed in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, where it has come to represent the crushing blow of financial loss. However, the meaning of 'getting rekt' extends beyond the monetary realm. It can encompass a range of unfortunate events, from the emotional turmoil of divorce to the physical setback of an injury.

Contrary to popular belief, getting rekt is not an exclusive occurrence during bear markets. Indeed, many a crypto enthusiast has found themselves rekt during bullish periods, having impulsively bought at the peak of an altcoin's value only to watch it plummet dramatically - a frequent occurrence in the rollercoaster ride of bull markets.

Yet, Rektguy signifies more than just the experience of getting rekt. It embodies resilience, the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. A mantra often heard within the Rektguy community is "down bad but never dead". This phrase encapsulates the spirit of the underdog, the survival instincts, and the will to fight back that are so deeply ingrained in the community.

Therefore, Rektguy is much more than an NFT project. It is a digital representation of a shared culture and a collective experience. It encapsulates moments of downfall that everyone experiences in their everyday lives, but more importantly, it celebrates the strength to rise above these challenges. It symbolises the resilience inherent in all of us, underscoring the idea that even when we're down, we're certainly not out.
The Metallic War

Within the lively Rektguy community, beneath the camaraderie and shared passion for digital art, simmer a number of robust rivalries. These rivalries, often playful yet fiercely contested, add a layer of intrigue to the community. Among these, none is more intensely fought than the phenomenon known as The Metallic War.

The Metallic War is a three-way civil war, a heated contest among factions defined by their fashion preferences. The factions are as colourful and diverse as the Rektguys themselves: the Golden Girls, proud wearers of gold hoodies; the Silver Foxes, who prefer the iced hoodies; and the Strawberry Laces Gang, distinguished by their strawberry laces hoodies.

The war officially commenced in September 2022, following a long period of escalating tension between these groups. The rivalries, while competitive, are more about pride and identity within the community than about actual conflict. Each group takes pride in its distinct aesthetic and enjoys the friendly competition that has emerged.

The Golden Girls are known for their flashy displays of wealth and grandeur. They believe that their golden hoodies symbolise superiority, often citing the phrase, "all that glitters is gold." The Silver Foxes, on the other hand, embrace a cooler, more understated elegance. They see their silver, or 'iced', hoodies as a mark of sophistication and wisdom, embodying the cunning nature of a fox.

The Strawberry Laces Gang present a stark contrast to the metallic sheen of their counterparts. They take pride in their bold, vibrant red hoodies, which symbolise passion and individuality. Members of the Strawberry Laces Gang are known for their playful spirit, often teasing the other factions for their less colourful attire.

Despite the ongoing Metallic War, the factions maintain a sense of unity and mutual respect. The rivalry serves as a testament to the passion and engagement of the Rektguy community, a vibrant tapestry of diverse characters united by their love for the project. The Metallic War continues, its playful battles adding an exciting dimension to the Rektguy narrative.
When Snoop Dogg Got Rekt

In May 2022, Snoop Dogg, the famed rapper and growing presence in the NFT space, took to Twitter to solicit recommendations for his next NFT purchase. Unbeknownst to him, this casual tweet was about to thrust Rektguy into the spotlight.

The Rektguy community, known for their vibrant and active presence on Twitter, wasted no time in responding to Snoop's call. They flooded his tweet with images of Rektguys, each one more intriguing than the last.

To the community's delight and surprise, Snoop Dogg himself was soon swayed by the distinctive appeal of Rektguy. The rapper ended up purchasing not just one, but two Rektguys. This event sent shockwaves through the Twittersphere, as fans and followers alike buzzed with excitement at Snoop's unexpected acquisition.

The impact of Snoop's endorsement was felt immediately in the Rektguy market. The floor price, which had previously hovered around 0.5ETH, saw a sharp increase to 1ETH. This spike, although temporary, was a thrilling moment for the Rektguy community, further cementing the cultural significance and popularity of these distinctive NFTs.

This event marked a milestone in Rektguy's journey, demonstrating the power of community engagement and the influence of celebrity endorsement in the vibrant, ever-evolving world of NFTs.
The Dive Bar

Nestled within the vibrant Rektguy community is a special haven known as The Dive Bar—a section of the Discord server exclusively reserved for Rektguys. As the name suggests, The Dive Bar is a place where "anything goes," fostering an atmosphere of free-spirited conversation while upholding the principle of mutual respect.

This corner of the community serves as a vibrant hub where much of the Rektguy lore and banter originates. It is within The Dive Bar that members come together to share their experiences, engage in lively discussions, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Rektguy culture.

Beyond its lively atmosphere, The Dive Bar also boasts an impressive history of providing valuable insights. Rektguys have been known to share astute observations, uncover emerging trends, and engage in spirited banter. It is a space where camaraderie, humour, and shared experiences intertwine, allowing members to immerse themselves in the vibrant fabric of the Rektguy universe.

For those seeking the full Rektguy experience, frequenting The Dive Bar is strongly encouraged. It is a cherished space within the Rektguy community, where Rektguys gather to connect, celebrate the project's unique culture, and partake in the lively banter that has become synonymous with The Dive Bar.

OSF, also known as Ovie Faruq, is a prominent NFT investor and artist who has gained popularity in the NFT space. Together with artist Alien Queen, OSF created the renowned rektguy NFT collection. Known for his success in the NFT market, OSF has sold numerous high-value NFTs.

Notably, he recently sold his exclusive 1/1 NFT titled "rekt city" for 25 ETH, equivalent to approximately $48,000 based on current market values. Back in April 2022, another one of his artworks fetched an impressive 82.88 ETH, amounting to around $270,000 at that time, in the secondary market.

What makes OSF's journey even more intriguing is his background as a former Barclays trader. Just six months ago, he shared on Twitter that he was bored with his day job and casually doodled the iconic rektguy. However, he recently tweeted about the surreal turn of events, revealing that his NFT was purchased by none other than @SnoopDogg. OSF expressed his astonishment at how unpredictable and exciting life can be.
The rektguy NFT collection has embraced the CC0 licensing agreement, which essentially signifies that there are no limitations on commercial rights associated with the artworks. In simpler terms, this grants the holders the freedom to modify, distribute, and showcase the artwork, even for commercial purposes, without the need to seek permission. Undoubtedly, this is a significant advantage for the NFT holders, as it provides them with flexibility and opportunities to leverage the artworks in various ways without any restrictions.