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What is RENGA?

A handcrafted collection of 10,000 characters developed by artist DirtyRobot. Each with their own identity to be discovered within the wider stories of RENGA. In its purest form, RENGA is art and the art of storytelling.

What are RENGA Black Boxes?

The RENGA Black Boxes appeared on the first day of Summer. These boxes will ultimately be the portal for your RENGA character to enter this universe. As we progress, your character will be your key to everything RENGA.

What is the total supply of RENGA Characters?

The maximum possible supply of RENGA Characters is 10,000, but this number will be relative to the number of RENGA Black Boxes that are opened (burned).

How can I mint my RENGA Character?

Every RENGA Black Box holder will be given the opportunity to open their box (burn) and reveal a character (mint) from the RENGA universe via a burn-to-mint mechanism. Aside from the cost of gas, there will be no additional fees to open your box, and the option to open your box and reveal your character will be available until there are no remaining boxes.

Where can I find other works by artist DirtyRobot?

What is The Art of Seasons?

The Art of Seasons (TAOS) is the first collection by RENGA artist and founder DirtyRobot. All TAOS collectors were airdropped a RENGA Black Box. The Art of Seasons collection serves as an access pass to DirtyRobot art. This may include, but is not limited to, access to purchase exclusive prints or other forms of traditional artworks from DirtyRobot. The Art of Season’s collection is available for purchase on secondary markets here.

Noun - Sequential art or pictures (type of printed, or pea-his storytelling, differentiated from Manga by its liberal use of page space, often only one panel per page and sparing use of dialogue)

It is the essence that binds our community. The stories, told by each of us, will begin to unravel the mystery that each of our characters holds. These stories will be shared, celebrated and loved by the community as we shape the RENGA universe together. Together we will uncover the enigma of the ever-present Black Box.

REN-GA noun- Brick (a small rectangular block typically made of fired or sun-dried clay, used in building.)

It’s is the community that forms our foundations, and sets the standard for us to back our creative vision. Like a brick, we are strong, and we recognize that no individual is greater than our collective ideals. We aim to create and continue to build genuine bonds and meaningful friendships as we move forward on this journey together.

By design, RENGA gives us the freedom toe create anything we put our minds to. With expression as our guide, and storytelling as our vessel, our community can always expect surprise, mystery, and intrigue. 


RENGA will be a perpetual storyteller and creator through all current med those which have yet to be defined. Our first production is our character collection where each piece is full of diversity and personality; handcrafted with meticulous attention to color and detail. Here, art and story will bind together guided by the skill, dedication, and vision of our team.
The collection is made up for eleven “Aechetypes”. 1,257 Motor corps, 1,128 Delinquents, 976 Agents, 898 Robots, 726 Alchemists, 640 Samurais, 626 Golem’s, 583 Ninja’s, 445 Cube’s and 34 1/1’s.

Creator of Worlds. Has been drawing shapes and forms for many moons. Inspired by retro video-games, kung fu movies and life at large— he combines these elements together to create his timeless pieces.

Protector of the realm and the oracle of the crew. Our highly skilled (ro)bot master.

Myke Forte
Find him in some dusty record shop, drinking a cup of green tea while geeking out over record sleeve designs.

Graphic designer, Illustrator, rookie pixel artist, wannabe beatmaker, children's author, and Toku fanatic!

Full time family man. Spends his days watching Formula 1, making tacos, and tending to his farm.

This auteur is always embracing cultures while exploring new places. Taking photographs along the way. Jack of all trades, master of some.

Resident nerd to be found at the head of a tabletop, crafting some ancient tale only thought of moments prior.

Hailing from the land down under, you can find him helping in the hospital or studying at uni. Gym rat and tennis enjoyer.

A skate rat lifer and equally talented bassist. If not pretending to be Tony Hawk, this “Legendary’ uncle is gaming while trying to not lose to his nephew.

Long time DirtyRobot enthusiast. Currently splitting his time between college, and having fun being a dad to his chihuahua, Muñeca.

Probably at the zoo visiting the flamingos. Loves cooking, writing, and spending time with his kids.

If not cruising to Frank Ocean, this amateur astrologist can be found gazing up, dreaming of the northern lights. Has been pulled into many anime black holes.