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What is Sappy Seals?
Memes, the heart of Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals is a unique collection of 10,000 seal-themed NFTs that reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

This project is community-driven and is aimed at expanding the metaverse. Although the cute seal aesthetics were once championed by Pudgy Penguins, these days, the adorable seals are gaining immense popularity among NFT enthusiasts on Twitter and abroad. The seals community has become the hub for NFT meme culture.

The Sappy Seals community is known for its strength and togetherness, and it often receives positive feedback from users who admire their spirit. However, some users also view the community as "cringe" due to its tendency to post content that may be referred as "sh*t-posting", which can be seen as either positive or negative.

Regardless of these opinions, the Sappy Seals community continues to garner attention and admiration from many users in the NFT space and Twitter.

Sappy Seals Value Prop:

  • Empowering creators
  • Community focused
  • Creating original lore
  • Expansion into gaming
  • Winning the attention game 
Who Created Sappy Seals?

On September 2nd, 2021, Sappy Seals was launched under the leadership of @wabdoteth, who also founded Pixlverse - a metaverse platform that has formed strategic partnerships with several other NFT projects, making it a force to be reckoned with. 

Besides his Ethereum ventures, Wab is also known in the Cardano NFT space. On Twitter, he often shares his thoughts on different aspects of the crypto and NFT space. Recently, he has been discussing how to survive and thrive in a bear market. Moreover, many of his admirers praise his strong work ethic. 

Wab may or may not be considered "A Man of the People".
Not Your Traditional Roadmap
Rather than presenting a typical, straightforward roadmap, the team behind Sappy Seals opted to share their vision through a map called "The Grand Plan."

However, this map/blueprint features some peculiar illustrations that might leave one puzzled.

For instance, there are depictions of seals carrying Twitter, seals dominating outer-space, and all roads leading to seals.

The meaning behind these intriguing visuals is up for interpretation.
The Grand Plan

What it Means to Stake Your Seal
Holders of Sappy Seals have the option to stake their NFTs and earn $PIXL, the ERC20 utility token in the Pixlverse metaverse. The Pixlverse provides a range of experiences, such as gamified yield farming, metaverse land, game modes, and more. Holders can also use the marketplace to acquire metaverse items to use in-game within the Pixlverse.

The staking process involves an innovative rarity-based contract that calculates the amount of $PIXL earned based on the rarity of the holder's NFTs. For instance, a base-level seal can generate 50 $PIXL per day, whereas 28 1:1 seals can generate 500 $PIXL per day.

As of now, the price of $PIXL is at $0.0005748 USD, with an all-time high of $0.006683 reached in November 2021 (last updated October 2022).
Screenshot from Sappy Seals Website
The Pixlverse Metaverse Ventures
Wab's creation of the Pixlverse provided a solid foundation for the Sappy Seals and other NFT collections to express their dedication to the metaverse and its future.

Pixlverse is a 2D metaverse that allows various NFT communities to interact, create their own worlds, and seamlessly visit each other's worlds.

This was all made possible by the Sappy Seals' influence. More information about this can be found on the website.
How Sappy Seals Perfected The Meme Game
User Generated Memes and Content!

Floor Price History
The Seals minted on September 21, 2012 at a price of 0.08E per seal.

On OpenSea, Sappy Seals has a current floor price of 0.58 ETH, and a total volume of 30.73k ETH all-time. (as of 04/27/2023)

In comparison, in February of 2022, the project saw an average sale price of over 1.5 ETH, with an all-time average price of 0.73 ETH (as of 04/27/23). A total number of 4,457 wallets hold a Seal NFT. There are 10,000 NFTs, and 6,594 are staked.
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