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- 7,777 collection: Started as a 3-stage gasless reveal. for the 3rd and final reveal, holders are still revealing their cartridges by "blowing" them on our site.

-AI: Finding innovative ways to tie AI tech into NFTs. The first way was by activating all characters to have an AI voice. in our discord, each character has a channel where you can talk to them. The fighters have their own unique personality.

-Storytelling: Since it's inception, Savage Nation has focused heavily on storytelling. We have done so through our art, animations, website experiences, and future comics.

-Comics: The Savage Nation Comic Book will be released soon. It is written by multi award-winning IP Creator Paul Jenkins. (Marvel, DC, Sony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more)

-Dynamic NFTS: We have built a first of its kind dynamic upgradable art collection. through our gasless experience, users can use their off-chain tokens on the Orbital Supply outpost to "equip" their fighters with new traits.

-Community: The community is at the forefront of the Savage Nation community. As a part of the community, you get access to top-of-the-line art, airdrops, web3 experiences, and a say in the future of the project.
The story starts ~30 years in the future. The year is 2050, and the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The human population has declined by roughly 70% due to wars and diseases. Technology has advanced, and AI is mighty in this period. Humans will use augmented reality devices and games to keep themselves busy to distract themselves from reality. The rumor is that humans have been absorbed into a digital world known as "Arcadia" and turned into digital avatars. However, unlike every other Metaverse Augmented reality system, once you enter Arcadia, there is no escaping.

The Universe of Arcadia's primary game mode is based on the idea of the savage nation tournament. Fighters from all walks of life come together to see who has the most might. The game has programmed many different forms of characters, but the two main types are Gamers and Anima.

Orbital Corp is the company that produced the savage nation game; however, very little is known about them. They are said to exist in multi-dimensional, in the "real" world, and in Arcadia. They are said to possess otherworldly powers which give them the ability of mind control. Throughout Arcadia, you will find propaganda that gives off the impression that Orbital Corp is a peacekeeper to the Arcadia Universe. Orbital is known as the creator of the Savage Nation tournament, but we do not know for what reason they created it.

Savage Nation Comic Book
 Written by multi-award-winning IP creator Paul Jenkins (Marvel, DC, Mirage Studios, Sony, 2K Games, and more). We committed to build the brand IP of Savage Nation [rebrand: Savages] and become more than a “PFP project.” With the support from our committed community, we believe in following proven methods to become a globally recognized IP, and with that comes working with the most talented people to help us achieve this. We are excited to bring on such an influential leader from the entertainment industry, to write the comic of Savage Nation and help us unfold the story in a captivating way that can attract the masses.

Dynamic Traits - Orbital Supply Outpost

In the dark alley of Arcadia, Proto runs his hidden supply outpost, offering all sorts of goodies and upgrades for a fighter like yourself. The outpost is a lowkey spot, however, the best fighters take advantage of it so they are prepared for the tournament. Your lucky you found it, but when it opens, it doesn’t open for a long time. Proto doesn’t welcome many people, so be thankful you have made it this far and take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

The OSO is a dynamic upgradable traits shop where holders can add never before seen traits to their Savage Nation fighters. The system is completely gasless, so there will never be any fees involved with upgrades. Off-chain tokens are airdropped to holders which can be used for the upgrades.

Key Features of OSO:
  • There will never be any gas fees associated with the Orbital Supply Outpost
  • we are not restricted by any smart contracts or blockchain limitations (the possibilities are endless)
  • you will need to be delisted to “earn” the tokens
  • The token is only usable in Arcadia
  • There are two tiers of the tokens, gold, and silver

In the first Orbital Supply Outpost release there was over 100+ traits, and over 2000 traits were applied.

Collection Prep:
Starting in February 2022, Madkobra worked with the team to create a unique concept. 10 fighters in a dystopian universe, pulling all his creativity from his 20+ years of work in the art space. Madkobra is a gaming fanatic. Madkobra, Aka Pedro Carvajal, is an international concept artist based in the Dominican Republic who has worked with Nintendo, Lego, Discord, Adidas, Intel Gaming, and more. He loves creating dystopian characters, and his inspiration comes from anywhere, but mostly includes vintage anime, movies, video games, cyberpunk (especially 1988 Akira), Japanese aesthetic, and pop culture. Madkobra has been in the art industry for more than 15 years and is always motivated by his desire to discover new ways to deliver bold lines, bright colors, and decaying textures to his concepts.

early sketches of the 10 fighters

Early Marketing Efforts:
Starting in late October 2022, the team began the social media marketing efforts after eight months of quietly working on the art. As the market is in a bear, it has been extremely difficult for original projects to get noticed. Through several different tactics, the team focused on natural growth. Introduction of each character, unique website experiences, video promotions, and The focus for
Savage Nation was always quality > quantity.

The Savage Nation Mint:
On December 20th, 2022, Savage Nation minted. The initial mint for the whitelist started at .039 ETH. Unfortunately, due to the market conditions and non overallocation of whitelist, the whitelist mint price was reduced to 0.014, and the public was reduced to 0.019 The final supply was set to 7,777

Three Stages of Reveals:
Savage Nation was the first project to introduce a unique reveal mechanism, which took place in three stages. 
Stage 1 - Default Cartridge 
Stage 2- Character Cartridge 
Stage 3- Manual Reveal of character 

The reveal was completely gasless for all stages, and unlike other manual reveal collections, Savage Nation had revealed and unrevealed NFTs in the same collection.

AI Character Activations
Shortly after the initial token minting, our development team implemented an ingenious initiative to elevate the art of storytelling in the realm of Web3.

Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, each character was imbued with the capacity to breathe life into their existence and actively engage with the vibrant community. Our dedicated team fed the AI with prompts to facilitate the characters' exploration of their intricate backstories. Presently, all ten warriors have been activated within the Discord platform, granting the holders of these tokens the privilege of interacting with them, delving deeper into their historical accounts, and engaging in thought-provoking conversations.

This milestone signifies just the nascent stage of our broader vision to harness the potential of AI within our project.