Shredding Sassy

Shredding Sassy is an extreme sports brand without the energy drink.

Using NFTs and web3 technology to pioneer a new kind of brand that we build together.

Creating unforgettable digital & physical experiences for our community whilst seamlessly onboarding new users to web3 via sought-after products and utility.

NFTs are going mainstream. You don’t have that look far to notice the largest brands in the world adopting web3 strategies; Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, Gucci — the list goes on.

Markets with pre-existing, passionate groups are the perfect communities to build something of value for and unite in web3. In our opinion there are none more passionate than those in the action sports world.

Rather than the generic ‘we are building a brand’ — we are focusing on a specific industry: Extreme Sports.

The market has over 490 million participants worldwide, it’s worth over 200 billion a year and is growing at a rapid pace.

The digitization of sports is ongoing and transformative, spurred by growth in AR & VR technologies and digital enhancements to live events. As this accelerates people will be looking to combine the best of both the physical and virtual worlds.

Now is the perfect time to position ourselves on the forefront of this growing industry in web3.

We believe in a decentralised future and envision a time when ownership and therefore profit is not limited to a select few.

Luckily we have the technology available today to make this a reality and set an important precedent for new brands and companies.

A portion of mint proceeds and 50% of all trading royalties will go into a community treasury.

Each Shredding Sassy NFT represents a DAO vote and allows members to submit and vote on community led proposals and the direction of the brand moving forward — which athletes we sponsor, where we hold events, which brands we collab with, which charities we donate to and more.

Merging the digital and physical world is going to be one of the most talked about narratives over the next few years.

In order to provide the best experiences possible — we need to cater to both.

We have been exploring a number of possibilities using AR to deliver immersive experiences that blur the lines between the physical and digital.

You can also expect numerous IRL events, trips and experiences which will unite our community in adventure and camaraderie!

NFTs that unlock services & utility are the on-ramp for mass adoption.

We will be providing and continually adding incredible benefits and tangible real world utility including:
  • Exclusive discounts from leading brands and service providers
  • Access to pro athletes via AMA calls, meet-ups and events
  • Loyalty rewards, raffles, giveaways and airdrops
  • Digital activations and AR experiences
  • Community trips, events and parties

Ensuring the value proposition of owning a Shredding Sassy NFT is so obviously beneficial that it is a no-brainer to join the club.

The bottom line is that people spend time and money on their passions. If we can amplify their experiences and save them money, our NFTs will be intrinsically valuable.
Our Vision

Our vision is to help shape the future of action sports, driven by a community that isn’t just spectating but actively shaping the journey. We're inspired by the bold spirit of industry trailblazers like Red Bull, yet we're carving a unique path—one that marries the audacity of action sports with the power of web3. 
The Market and Our Potential
The action sports industry, with a community of 500 million participants worldwide, is projected to be worth over 600 billion dollars by 2027. This rapidly growing market is ripe for disruption, as it's currently dominated by corporations that often overlook the needs and contributions of the sports community and athletes. We aim to change this. Our ambition is to transform Shredding Sassy into the next empire in action sports—an empire that's designed for, and driven by, the community. We envision an ecosystem where everyone benefits from the success.
Business Model
Shredding Sassy Business Model

At Shredding Sassy, we're crafting a business model that's both diverse and sustainable, ensuring that we're not solely reliant on any single revenue stream. Our approach is rooted in creating genuine value for our community while tapping into the vast potential of the action sports and web3 domains. Here's a breakdown of our primary revenue streams:

2 Tiers of Membership Access

Annual membership sales for non NFT holders
Our community is the heartbeat of Shredding Sassy. By offering a non NFT annual membership, we provide enthusiasts outside of web3 with access to our ecosystem. This consistent yearly revenue ensures stability and allows us to continually invest in enhancing the member experience.

NFT holders are VIPs for life: 
Builder-level members enjoy all annual member benefits, along with an elevated community status. They can influence the brand's direction, access commercial IP licensing rights, collaborate with renowned brands, and partake in exclusive events and sessions. Furthermore, they have the potential for higher earnings from co-created products.

Sale of Apparel and Merchandise: Drawing inspiration from iconic streetwear brands our apparel and merchandise lines make a statement. Each sale not only boosts our revenue but also amplifies our brand presence, turning wearers into brand ambassadors.

Brand Collaboration Opportunities: In the dynamic world of action sports, collaboration is key. We actively seek and foster partnerships with iconic brands, influencers, and entities in the domain. These collabs lead to exclusive product drops, events, and experiences, creating buzz and generating significant revenue.

Shred Ventures: Curated Action Sports Holidays: Venturing into the luxury segment, Shred Ventures offers high-end, curated action sports holidays. These all-inclusive experiences cater to the discerning enthusiast, blending the thrill of action sports with luxury and exclusivity. This venture not only diversifies our revenue stream but also positions Shredding Sassy as a premium brand in the action sports world.

Our business model is a commitment to sustainability, diversity, and genuine value creation. By leveraging multiple revenue streams, from memberships and apparel sales to luxury holidays, we ensure that Shredding Sassy remains financially robust, agile, and poised for growth, all while staying true to our community-centric ethos.
A Community Company
Join Our Community

We ride together

Shredding Sassy is not just a brand—it's a rad community. Our innovative approach breaks free from traditional business models by engaging everyone in the movement. With Shredding Sassy, profits, decision-making, and ownership can be shared throughout our community.

A Shredding Sassy NFT is your passport into a new era of community-centric innovation in action sports. This doesn't just give you a seat at the table, it also aligns incentives in such a way that when the Shredding Sassy ecosystem thrives, so do its members. While we're not promising financial returns, there are opportunities to benefit financially through co-creation and active participation.

Join in this shared future, where your voice counts, your ideas shape our direction, and your contributions have the potential to yield shared benefits. 
Creativity Unleashed
At Shredding Sassy, we are empowering our community with co-creation opportunities and licensing rights. Here's how:

Co-creation forms the bedrock of our brand. We are developing mechanisms to foster creative collaborations. The upcoming weeks and months promise to unveil numerous opportunities for our members to shape the brand's future. The financial rewards for these endeavors aren't exclusive to us; they're shared with the contributing members, tying our growth to their creativity.

Artwork and design are quintessential elements of action sports. Recognizing this, we offer our NFT holders the commercial IP licensing rights of their Sassy characters. This opens up avenues for collaborations with other brands or kick-starting their own creative projects. We don't just stop at granting rights; we will be actively assisting our community in securing licensing opportunities.
Power to the People
In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Web3 space, Shredding Sassy recognizes the power of community-centric governance. Leveraging the transformative potential of a DAO structure, we’re democratizing influence and bringing the reins of control into the hands of our community.

DAO - Decentralized Governance
As an owner of a Shredding Sassy NFT, you hold more than a digital asset; you wield influence over the brand's future. Our DAO structure enables you to submit proposals and cast votes on key decisions, giving you a say in our direction. From collaborations and sponsorships to charitable donations and event locations, your voice plays a vital role in shaping our journey.

Community Treasury
100% of our NFT creator royalties are channeled into our community treasury. This treasury acts as a communal pot, its funds earmarked for initiatives proposed and approved by the community. As we grow, the community treasury serves as a tool for shared wealth and community-led growth.

By intertwining financial incentives with shared decision-making power, Shredding Sassy is breaking the mold of traditional brand governance. Our community doesn’t just cheer from the sidelines; it leads the game.

Brand Image
Brand Image

Shredding Sassy is a bold, audacious brand that fuses the thrill of action sports with the innovation of web3. Drawing inspiration from iconic streetwear brands like Teddy Fresh, Amiri, BAPE, Kenzo, Supreme, Palace, and Ripndip, we carve out our unique identity through vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and provocative graphics.

Our designs echo the edgy humor and daring spirit of action sports, with our signature Sasquatch character and exaggerated shaka sign serving as iconic symbols.
Sassy Art

Bringing the Sassy's to life

In the vibrant world of Shredding Sassy, our digital collectibles aren't mere pixels on a screen; they're intricate pieces of art, each telling a unique story. With over 140 hand-drawn traits, the depth and complexity of each design capture the essence and spirit of our Sassy characters, ensuring they radiate the perfect level of stoke.
Frank's Art

Frank: The Artistic Maestro: Behind these captivating designs is Frank, a prodigious illustrator whose talent transcends mere sketches. His ability to infuse emotions, feelings, and narratives into his artwork makes each Sassy character come alive, resonating with the audacious spirit of our brand. Hailing from South Africa, Frank heads a creative studio renowned for its expertise in illustration and animation.

Frank's studio isn't just known for its artistic prowess; it's recognized for its collaborations with global giants. From crafting campaigns for Nike and Reebok to designing visuals for McDonald's and Kellogg's, their portfolio is a showcase of versatility and excellence. But what truly set them apart for us was their experience in the NFT realm. Their prior ventures into digital collectibles ensured they had the perfect blend of artistic flair and technical know-how

Every adventure has a beginning

For Decades, Sasquatch lived in large tight knit communities scattered about the globe. As time passed, and the world evolved, they moved on from their traditional homes. Communities grew apart, families lost touch and travel became more difficult. Most ended up living quiet lives in small groups, separate for the most part from their kind. News of the outside world traveled slowly, primarily by way of solitary “Sassy's”, roaming the countryside in search of adventure. 

Sassy's existed almost entirely on the hospitality of others, hopping from place to place, exchanging stories from their travels for room and board. Nearly all of these wanderers claimed to be heading towards a fun-loving community living out their dreams in a pristine environment high in the mountain peaks. Sasquatch children sat wide-eyed, hanging on every word, listening to tales of the community forming on the tall mountain at the far edge of the map. 

While many wrote such a place off as fantasy, the stories continued. As the legend grew, more adventurous Sasquatch could not resist the allure of the mountain. They packed their bags and left home in spite of the uncertainties in the wider world, and the risk of being seen by humans to discover for themselves if the tales were true.
Foot Prints

Those who made it to the top of the mountain were greeted by a wooden sign marking the end of one journey and promising the beginning of another: “Welcome to Meta Mountain”.

Finally, enough brave and adventurous souls found their way to the mountain; there was no denying its existence. As word spread, a great wave of Sasquatch migrated through the forests, growing in numbers daily as they approached the foothills. A sizable group of Sassys does not go unnoticed however, and human encounters became quite frequent. The travelers were far too stoked to let the possibility of running across a human here or there dissuade them from making it to the land of their dreams though. In fact, many thought, “Why hide at all?” Maybe it was time to step out of the shadows, introduce the world to Sassy culture and make Meta Mountain truly a wonderland for everyone.

Sassy's are a bunch of adrenaline fuelled Sasquatches that now reside on Meta Mountain. A mysterious mountain with endless terrain and some of the gnarliest features in the world.
The Sassy's like nothing better than shredding pow and chasing each other down the mountainside.
Shredding Sassy Social Club (SSSC)
Shredding Sassy Social Club (SSSC) the flagship in our dynamic eco-system. It's not just a club; it's a vibrant community, a melting pot where enthusiasts, pioneers, and loyalists come together to celebrate, collaborate, and shape the future of action sports in the digital age.


Two-Tiered Membership:
1. Annual Membership: Perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the action sports lifestyle, this tier offers access to exclusive events, coaching sessions, and a plethora of discounts from our global brand partners.

2. Lifetime NFT Membership (VIP/Builder): This is for the true visionaries. Beyond the perks of the Annual Membership, this tier offers a deeper involvement in the brand's trajectory, co-creation opportunities, licensing rights, and a say in the community treasury's allocation.
Web3 Utility
In the age of decentralization and digital ownership, the Shredding Sassy Social Club (SSSC) harnesses the power of web3 to offer unparalleled utilities to its members. By intertwining the principles of web3 with the ethos of Shredding Sassy, we're pioneering a new era of engagement, collaboration, and value creation.

🎨 IP Licensing:
For our NFT holders, your Sassy avatar isn't just a digital collectible. You possess its Commercial Intellectual Property rights, paving the way for creative projects, merchandising opportunities, and even potential collaborations in the broader digital space.

 🤝 Co-Creation:
The SSSC isn't just about consumption; it's about creation. Members have the unique opportunity to co-create, collaborating directly with the Shredding Sassy team on projects, designs, and initiatives. Your ideas, feedback, and vision play a pivotal role in shaping the brand's future trajectory.

💰 Community Treasury:
Community is at the heart of everything we do. A dedicated community treasury, funded by 100% of the royalties, ensures that the club's growth and success are shared collectively. This treasury not only supports club activities but also backs causes and initiatives that resonate with our members.

🎁 Squatch Loyalty System:
Engagement within the SSSC is rewarded, quite literally. With our $SQUATCH loyalty system, members can earn points for various activities and engagements. These points can be redeemed for exclusive experiences, products, and opportunities, ensuring a continuous cycle of value creation and reward.

🚀 Product Incubator (coming soon):
Innovation is a constant at the SSSC. Our product incubator serves as a platform for members to propose, develop, and launch new products using Shredding Sassy IP. Whether it's a piece of merchandise, a digital tool, or an event concept, the incubator nurtures ideas from inception to execution, backed by the expertise and resources of the Shredding Sassy team.
Action Sports Utility
At the core of the Shredding Sassy Social Club (SSSC) lies a pulsating passion for action sports. We've meticulously curated a suite of utilities that cater to every adrenaline junkie's dream, ensuring that our members not only engage with the brand but also elevate their action sports journey. 

🛍 25+ Brand Partner Discounts:
Dive into a world of exclusive perks with our expansive network of over 25 global brand partners. From gear to apparel, accessories to tech, members enjoy privileged discounts, ensuring they're always equipped with the best, without breaking the bank.
🌟 20+ Pro Athlete Ambassadors:
Rub shoulders with the legends of the action sports world. Our roster of over 20 pro athlete ambassadors offers members a unique window into the life, tricks, and stories of the very best in the business. Whether it's a casual chat, an exclusive workshop, or a collaborative event, the insights and experiences shared by these ambassadors are priceless.

🏂 World-Class Action Sports Coaching:
Elevate your game with top-tier coaching. Whether you're a newbie looking to learn the basics or a seasoned pro aiming to refine your skills, our world-class coaching, led by industry experts, ensures you're always at the top of your game.

🎉 Events and Parties:
Life with SSSC is one big celebration. From exclusive launch parties to adrenaline-pumping events, members get front-row access to some of the most sought-after gatherings in the action sports world. Connect, celebrate, and create memories that last a lifetime.
IRL meet ups

👕 Exclusive Apparel Discounts:
Flaunt your style with Shredding Sassy apparel. Members enjoy special discounts on our range of clothing and merch. 20% OFF for NFT members and 10% OFF for annual members
Shredit is a new platform to discover the dopest action sports videos, enabling athletes and creators to monetize their content while providing fans a unique collectible experience.

🎥 A New Era for Action Sports Content:
Creators from around the globe can submit their most electrifying action sports clips to Shredit. The community casts their votes, and each week, the top 7 videos are combined and immortalized as an official Shredit collectible on the blockchain. This approach provides creators with a unique avenue for recognition and offers a tangible way to monetize their skills.
Shredit is redefining the action sports content landscape. It offers a fresh, rewarding, and empowering platform for both creators and fans. Dive into Shredit and be part of this groundbreaking journey in action sports
Shredding Sassy's apparel line is a vivid reflection of our brand's audacious spirit. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of action sports and iconic streetwear brands, our designs are infused with vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and provocative graphics. The essence of Shredding Sassy, Sassy, and SSSC branding is intricately woven into each piece, making it more than just clothing—it's a statement.

Trait-Based Merch: A Revolutionary Concept:
Imagine wearing the same gear in the real world that your Shredding Sassy avatar flaunts in the digital realm. That's the magic of our trait-based merch. Our digital avatars, the Shredding Sassy’s, are designed to be online representations of individual personalities. And now, we're bringing that digital persona to life.

Limited edition physical versions of traits from the Shredding Sassy collection will be available. To purchase these unique items, you'll need a Sassy with the corresponding trait. Our token-gated online store ensures that only those with the matching trait can buy or claim the physical item, creating an exclusive and personalized shopping experience
At the core of Shredding Sassy's vibrant ecosystem lies $SQUATCH, our pioneering loyalty points system. But $SQUATCH isn't just another rewards program; it's dynamically designed to foster and celebrate active community engagement, participation, and loyalty.

Every $SQUATCH point earned is rewarding a member's commitment and active involvement within our community. Whether it's through purchasing merchandise, engaging on our platforms, or simply being an active participant in our events, $SQUATCH points symbolize a member's journey and contributions to the Shredding Sassy universe.
Integrating into Our Ecosystem:
$SQUATCH is intricately woven into every facet of the Shredding Sassy experience. From exclusive discounts and early access to events to unique opportunities and experiences, these points serve as a bridge, connecting members to a plethora of benefits and rewards. They're not just points; they're a ticket to an enriched Shredding Sassy experience.

How To Earn

Earning $SQUATCH isn't just about collecting points; it's about immersing oneself in the Shredding Sassy community, actively participating, and contributing to our shared vision. Here's a comprehensive guide on the various avenues to accumulate $SQUATCH:
🖼 NFT Ownership:

Passive Earnings: Simply by owning a Sassy NFT, members are rewarded. Earn 10 $SQUATCH daily for each NFT in your possession, as long as it's not listed on any marketplace.
🐦 Twitter Engagement:

Bio Bonus: Showcase your Shredding Sassy pride! Add @ShreddingSassy to your Twitter bio and enjoy a 1.1x multiplier on your daily $SQUATCH earnings.

Hashtag Hustle: Engage with our selected hashtags and activities to boost your $SQUATCH collection.
🎮 Discord Activities:

Community Engagement: Dive deep into our Discord community. Play games, participate in events, and engage in community-driven activities to earn $SQUATCH.
🛒 Marketplace Transactions:

Trade & Earn: Engage in transactions on the official Shredding Sassy marketplace or Opensea. Whether you're buying or selling, there's $SQUATCH to be earned.
📹 Shredit:

Creation Bonus: Every time you mint a Shredit, you're not just creating; you're earning. Minting rewards you with a cool 69 $SQUATCH.

Video Uploads: Share your passion and creativity! For every video you contribute to the platform, you'll receive an additional 10 $SQUATCH.

Referral Rewards: Spread the word about our platform and earn. For every individual you introduce to Shredding Sassy, you'll be rewarded with 10 $SQUATCH.
📜 Bounty Board (coming soon):

Task & Reward: Our bounty board is a treasure trove of opportunities. From hosting Twitter spaces, crafting brand threads, to fostering potential brand partnerships or amplifying fellow members' posts, there's a bounty waiting for every contribution.
Earning $SQUATCH is a journey through the Shredding Sassy ecosystem. It's a reflection of your engagement, participation, and commitment to our community. Dive in, explore, engage, and watch your $SQUATCH balance grow!
Squatch Shop (Coming Soon)
The upcoming Squatch Shop isn't just a store; it's a curated space where your earned $SQUATCH points will unveil a treasure trove of exclusive products, experiences, and unique opportunities.

Product offerings and raffles in the Squatch Shop:

NFT Collections: Handpicked NFTs from various projects.

Apparel & Streetwear: a range of clothing, from casual tees and hoodies to exclusive limited-edition drops.

Accessories & Gear: From skateboards and helmets to backpacks and caps. 

Event Tickets & Passes: Tickets to skate and action sports events, a backstage pass to meet our ambassadors, or a lift ticket for your next snowboarding adventure.

Collaborative Products: Limited edition items resulting from collaborations between Shredding Sassy and renowned brands.

Experiential Packages: From action sports coaching sessions to curated adventure holidays, unlock experiences that go beyond the tangible.

Brand Partners' Showcase: Featuring products from our esteemed brand partners, offering a mix of fashion, tech, and lifestyle items curated for our community.

Stay tuned for updates!
Sassy Bridge
The Sassy bridge is live -(link above in sidebar) You can now take your Sassy through the portal to the land of ETH, Polygon and Base
A few notes

You need $MATIC to pay the bridging fee when bridging from Polygon

You need $ETH to pay the bridging fee when bridging from ETH 

You need $ETH to pay the bridging fee when bridging from BASE 

The fee to bridge will fluctuate with the gas levels, make sure gas is low before bridging or it's expensive!

Your Sassy cannot live on more than 1 chains at once.

How to bridge your Sassy
2. Click 'Connect' to connect your wallet
3. Click 'Start Now'
4. Select the destination chain by clicking the logo of ETH, Polygon or Base
5. Click the dropdown to select the Shredding Sassy ID to bridge
6. Click the move button and then confirm the TX

Now the bridge has started, this can take 2 - 20 minutes for your Sassy to move to the new chain. 

You can check the status by searching the tx hash here:

Happy bridging
Bridging ETH
You have ETH on mainnet and want to bridge it across to Polygon or Base chain.

You want to withdraw ETH from Polygon or Base chain back to mainnet. 

Use the official Polygon suite of tools here:

Make sure you select 'Polygon proof of stake' and follow the instructions.
Please note the official bridge is slow. For a list of faster bridges click here:

Use the official Base bridge here:
Follow the instructions.

The Team
Meet the team

The core team is comprised of 4 fully doxxed founders with a plethora of skills and knowledge. Entrepreneurs with over 45 years experience building and running successful businesses.
💰 Over $15mm of revenue generated from our prior business ventures.

📢 Millions of dollars spent on advertising and media buying.

🔥 Diverse talent on the fully doxxed founding team:

🏂 Pro snowboarder sponsored by leading brands and connections within the industry.

💻 Digital marketing and e-commerce specialist with 5+ years experience in crypto & NFTs.

✨ Branding and product design rockstar who has worked with a number of NFT collections.

🧭 Travel agency owner and restaurateur involved in crypto since 2012.

🤙 Plus a team of 7 superstars including: illustrator, full stack developer, designer, creative & animator.

Sassy Chest

 Shredders, the moment has arrived! We’re unveiling the mystery of our Chests. Ready for the deep dive? 

How It Works

Our Shredding Sassy collection has always embraced winter sports with Ski & Snowboard traits throughout.  But we know our Sassy's love summer action too. Instead of diluting the collection, we're introducing outfits for a fresh summer vibe 

So what’s inside the Chests? 

Each chest holds 2, 3, or if the Sassy gods are smiling, 4 random traits of different rarity.  And here's the kicker - they're split into three sport categories: Skate, Surf, and Bike. Now, if you're thinking - can I wear them? Oh you bet! But not just in the digital realm. It's time to step up our world of TBM! Every trait you unlock? It's got a real-world twin. Own the trait, snag the merch. It's like your digital self went shopping for the both of you. 

What’s TBM? 

If you’re new to the world of Sassy, you may not be familiar with our Trait Based Merch.  Limited edition physical versions of traits found within the Shredding Sassy collection and now within our new traits collection! Some free, some free + shipping and others paid. 
Flex your outfits

But why stop at just holding traits? Let's talk outfits 

Mix & match those traits to craft your outfit. But remember, each outfit must be one-of-a-kind. And if you're a purist, sticking to one sport category for your outfit - we've got some perks lined up!
Outfits can be crafted using 2, 3 or even 4 traits - you will have to be quick to craft some of the rarer combos. Crafted using traits from 1 sport? Then, that sport carries over to the outfit.  And these outfits? They're not just for show. They come with some serious perks. Got an all-skate, all-bike or all-surf outfit? 

Special perks await. From priority event access to exclusive drops and discounts. Aligning your outfit with a sport brings added bonuses. But it goes even deeper. Every outfit you craft isn't just a statement of style; it's a canvas of creativity. From commercial ventures to personal projects, your crafted outfits come with extended commercial IP rights. 

Lot's more on this soon! 
Now, for the strategists and game-changers among you, what’s your playbook? Will you chase all the traits? Craft the rarest outfits? Or just flex with the dopest TBM? The game's vast, and every move? It's got its rewards. This isn't just for the OGs. Whether you're a seasoned Sassy holder or just stepping into our world, there's excitement, engagement, and surprises for all. 
It's all about community. There's a story here for everyone. Share, discuss, and let's craft some legendary tales together!