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What Is a Starcat?

STARCATS are a collection of 1,500 uniquely generated 3D Cats! These perplexing collectibles are not only stunning to look at, but hold great utility for our community; such as real life collectibles, burning your Cat for evolved NFTs in the future. Other benefits include giveaways, discounts, and exclusive access to STARCAT projects, stores and more. 
History of STARCATS
STARCATS are a collection of 1,500 NFTs which were minted on October 15, 2021. Mint price was 0.05Eth. Each wallet had the opportunity to mint up to 5 STARCATS each. 

STARCATS were created by Mason Crowe via development and deployment through Metaseed. This is Mason's Genesis Collection before Alien Frens dropped in December 2021. Justin Brown (AKA PapeTheGreat) is the Marketing Lead and Co-Creator.

Unfortunately, this project hasn't gotten much attention since the mint of the Alien Frens UFO in June 2022. The last tweet from the project was June 18, 2022. The project still gets brought up by Mason every now and then, but is not currently active on Twitter or Discord.

Alien Frens were dropped in December of 2021, initially announced to help fund Starcats initiatives and utility. Nobody knew Alien Frens would take off and become a household Crypto-Twitter name held by some of the biggest and most influential names in the space. Since Alien Frens, Starcats took a backseat, and inevitably came to a full halt. 

Thanks for the time, community and love fellow STARCATS.
Project Roadmap
  • We will be manufacturing real life stunning collectible STARCAT figures, STARCAT holders will get early access along with exclusive deals and giveaways for the collectibles.
  • STARCAT holders will be able to burn their cats (no real cats harmed in the burning) for our evolved animated NFTs releasing after STARCATS.
  • March Store! Rock the cars on hoodies, tees, and more! Lucky Holders receive free clothes, huge discounts and 1/1 pieces.
  • Airdrops!! Constant weekly airdrops of 1/1 custom NFT art pieces with awesome artists.
  • We are focused on community and longevity, STARCATS will live long past our lives. We will constantly be growing, expanding and rewarding those who stick along for the ride.