Strange Connections
 Strange Connections is a complete 360-degree approach to mental health & wellness focusing on providing services that support the seven selves while fostering a culture of support. Strange Connections was launched as a free mint in early September 22’ introducing 4000 unique NFTs into the ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

 Art - The collection is an extension of our message, with over 225 traits combining anime influences and a grungy aesthetic we aim to showcase & remove the stigma around issues we battle with daily.

Mission -  Our goal is to create a decentralized B2B / P2P mental health & wellness hub offering direct to consumer professional services 
 The collection minted back in early September 22’ as a free mint (after a failed paid mint) and sold out instantly. After the art reveal, the project started to gain traction but the original founders (Uncle D, Father Connect) were burned out. They paid their team with the funds raised from secondary and announced that due to lack of capital they were unable to move forward with the project. Sera, the lead community manager since the begining of the project, jumped in and organized a contract/socials transfer to our current five man team. Bootstrapped and self-funded, we took over the project in the beginning of October 22’ and through ingenuity, resourcefulness as well as extensive individual skills, we managed to revive the project by executing and delivering on our vision.

Since May 15th 2023, Strange Connections is a registered limited liability company (LLC) in the state of Florida, USA. Apart from the fact that this provides an additional layer of trust amongst holders it also strengthens our position and vision of expansion by creating an extensive network of professionals.

The global telehealth market size was valued at USD 83.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.0% from 2023 to 2030. The rising penetration of the internet and innovation in smartphones is enabling to address the gaps in the delivery and availing of telehealth services conveniently. Moreover, the demand for telehealth services witnessed tremendous growth over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed to curb the infection. COVID-19 hindered the delivery of healthcare services, which enabled most healthcare facilities to shift from traditional to virtual care methods.

Additionally, the blockchain offers the ability to cut through the pathogens of a broken health care system (insurances) and drive the industry's growth expodentially.


- Strange AI
Unlock your Creativity 

Our in-house developed, StrangeAI, provides our holders just that, an avenue to express themselves creatively by utilizing AI technology. The product was soft launched in January 23' giving every Strange Connections holder  unlimited/free access to it directly in our discord. In order to reward holders of multiples (15+) we additionally offer private rooms.

Collaborations - Part of our market fit stage was to open up 72hr trial runs for selected communities in order to experience the tool absolutely free directly in our discord and provide us with feedback in order to optimize it based on their needs. Some of the communities that participated were The Plague, Sappy Seals, Quirkies, Killabears, Boki, Space Riders and many more!

Below you can find some of the honoraries that were created with Strange AI to celebrate those events   


If your interested in a trial for your community you can head over to our website ( and fill up the questionnaire.

- Group Therapy
Nurture your Mind & Soul

Bi-Weekly Group Therapy & Wellness sessions led by Licensed Mental Health Professionals directly in our discord, 7:30pm EST on Monday's. We currently have two (2) licensed therapist in our team and we are looking to double that number offering more frequent sessions to our holders along with other services.

- Hodlperks
Weekly Free/Discounted Perks

Through our exclusive partnership with @hodlperks, bridging Web2 brands to Web3, we are in the unique position to instigate cross pollination and provide tangible benefits directly to our holders weekly.

- Marketplace
 Master your Destiny   

In an effort to overcome the limitations with third party platforms we partnered up with @Snag_Solutions to launch our own native marketplace that comes also with additional perks, incentivizing trading directly there.


On the 28th of April 23' we introduced the first segment of our comic "Adventures of Strange"

We all have a background, our origin story. It showcases our identity and how we came to be, as well as the struggles that shaped us and added meaning to our journey. Afterall what good is a character without a story to back it up! 

On December 17th, 22' just two (2) months after our team took over we organized a 24hr Telethon before Christmas to raise funds for Child Mind Institute!

More than 30+ different projects/communities actively participated in that event which was also livestreamed on YouTube by our partner @mid_lifecrysis 

Apart from the space we also hosted an Auction which included 1/1 pieces created by notable artist specificaly for the event such as  @BushRobins aka Noinah from LonelyPop and Whoopsies Doopsies to name a few! 

We are looking to repeat the event in 23' supporting another charity partner!
Twitter Spaces

Project Spaces -
Every Thurday at 6pm EST we host our "Building Strange Connections" ,with a strong focus on the business & education side of things, were we invite different project founders and explore topics such as growth & marketing strategies, innovations and much more!

Community Spaces - Every Tuesday at 4pm EST hosted by the @StrngeFrquens account

Upcoming IRL events - We will participate as speakers at the Breath Convention in Las Vegas, September 13-15, 23' as well as NFT London 23'
We offer a free weekly Mental Health & Wellness newsletter (every Friday) simply by signing up with your email through our website!