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A limited Edition NFT collection, where the token is your membership pass to a thriving community of Gamers, Degens, 90s Culture, Music Artists and Streetwear & Skateboard enthusiasts, lets get LOST AF. LET’S GET #LOSTAF



LO$T token can be earned by staking your Losties. Staking rewards will be tiered by rarity with rarer traits earning holders more LO$T.


Upgrades to our website have been deployed to support the expanding Long Lost ecosystem. Portal giveaway integration, staking platform, a marketplace, streetwear shop, event schedule, a deeper Lostie lore, cleaner UI design and user experience.


The Long Lost were locked at Area 51, a plan was formed and they successfully escaped from imprisonment. Fleeing through Nevada desert, 10,000 Losties were distributed, splitting up and hiding in various locations of the world to avoid detection.


Long Lost holders will be able to purchase apparel, utility and other physical items through the website marketplace. USDC, Ethereum and LO$T will be accepted forms of payment. Exclusive items like WL spots and raffle tickets will only be purchased with a LO$T token.


A couple of creative Losties have been collecting odds and ends found in the Earth dimension and managed to construct a portal. At certain periods of time, you can connect your wallet to verify that you are a Long Lost NFT holder to go into the running to win physical and digital prizes.


Losties look nothing like human and a close call with authorities forces them to hide, they stumble upon a clue wich reveals a hidden online streetwear shop run by a multi-gang.


LO$T is a utility token that ties together the entire Long Lost ecosystem, and can be exchanged for goods and services by our holders at a cheaper rate than USDC/ETH.


Having been split up for a year, word spreads of a 2nd Annual Lostie event in Los Angeles during NFT LA. A group of Losties meet up, host a streetwear pop up and go to a Hollywood event featuring a live performance by fellow Lostie and RIVETING MUSIC artist Desiigner.


50 years ago, a portal between our world and that of another dimension opened. We sent thorough a crew of interdimensional beings to explore and research the unknown. However, the portal closed and they never returned. Ever since, we have been patiently waiting, training, and recruiting scouts for the next mission to save the Long Lost. Now is finally our time!


A gaming league where different NFT communities go head to head. Players sign up each week to compete and the winning communities and MVP's will receive prizes.


LONG LOST has partnered with successful global record label RIVETING MUSIC to release new music on all streaming platforms and also 3D animated music NFTs, which will be exclusively airdropped to Long Lost NFT holders, and will be part of a larger mixtape entitled "THE NEW DAWN". 


The Long Lost are interdimensional shapeshifters that traverse the galaxy via portals. While traveling on a mission to Earth to rescue friends imprisoned in Area 51, the Losties crash landed in a Blockbuster Video and the portal closed. Watching retro horror VHS tapes to gain intel on their new surroundings, they shapeshifted into Ghoul's, Skele's, Zombie's and Ghost's, mistaking these entities for the common people of Earth. The Losties are currently hiding in an unnamed city, figuring out ways to acquire portal fuel so they can eventually return to their own dimension.


We were alerted by Area 51 officials of a security breach. Unauthorized access of the facilities through bypassing security mechanisms, which resulted in the escape of over 10,000 prisoners. The prisoners exited through the side fence, by force, cutting through a section of the metal. Footprints found in close proximity lead us to believe that they fled into the Nevada Desert.


19 days after the Area 51 breach, we received multiple reports of a purple hue filling the sky during the early hours of the morning. No hard evidence was able to be obtained, however all reports were within a 60m proximity of each other. Investigating the area, we found a machine similar to an ATM with ‘Enter the Portal’ painted on the side and a clipping from a book detailing ‘how to access and extract physical and digital from the portal guardians’.

 Two blocks north of the ATM machine location, a large clear plastic barrel of unidentified bubbling purple liquid and hand labeled ‘Portal Fuel’ was sighted. We have left the barrel where it was found and have set up 24/7 surveillance on it. Since the first sighting, the liquid's fill level has occasionally increased with no sighting of anyone filling it up. We continue to monitor this phenomenon and will take it in for testing in the coming weeks.


After the discovery of the "portal fuel", there have been several sightings of Skeles, Ghouls, Ghosts, and Zombies reported surrounding the Los Angeles area. investigators conducted a thorough analysis of the their behavior and patterns. They discovered that the Losties showed a particular interest in hip hop music from the 90s. With this information, the team decided to visit a nearby hip hop record store, hoping to find clues or any connection to the Losties.

Upon arriving at the record store, the team noticed that the place was empty except for an old man sitting behind the counter. They approached him and asked if he had any knowledge of the Losties or had any clues that could help them uncover their whereabouts. The old man gave them a knowing grin and reached under the counter. He pulled out a dusty vinyl record jacket, with the words "THE NEW DAWN"written on it,  and handed it to the team. 

With trembling hands, they opened the jacket and found a hidden compartment with a small gold token inside. The token looked like it could be the missing piece that would unlock the secrets of the portal guardians. The team thanked the old man and quickly made their way back to the portal machine. 

They inserted the token and a bright purple light engulfed them. When the light faded, they found themselves standing in front of a strange structure. It looked like a combination of a spaceship and a pyramid. There was no one in sight, but they sensed that they were being watched.

Suddenly, they heard a thumping bass sound from a loudspeaker and a voice welcoming them and inviting them inside. They cautiously approached the entrance and entered the structure. What they saw inside was beyond their wildest imagination. They were surrounded by advanced technology and beings unlike anything they had ever seen before.

The Losties, as they called themselves, had been given access to the vast knowledge of the portal guardians. The team spent months studying and learning from the Losties before returning to Earth, forever changed by their experience.