The X is a WEB3 Social gaming platform Created by Former Activision Blizzard Lead Game Dev: Lt. Dan Dilallo
The X NFT NFT Collection & MetaFort is an interoperable Metaverse hub focused on social gaming, virtual learning, and e-commerce.

The X platform is a bridge between the existing Web2 gaming, military, and tactical lifestyle culture with the promise of Web3 technology.

This 2-way bridge also naturally connects the burgeoning Web3 natives with utility and access to those very same leading Web2 brands and experiences.
Provide holders with robust Web3 tools to build, and interact with their in-game assets. The Active Duty game mode offers holders rich immersive XR Digital Twins & Digital Memories of historic Legendary Commanders within the X ecosystem.

Provide players with fun social-gaming environments that contain mini-games and opportunities to earn.
The Hook As the starting point of this exciting journey, The X social deduction and high-stakes strategy game "The Quest" is meant to establish an engaged player base and lay the foundation for a thriving gaming, e-commerce, and edutainment ecosystem.
The Active Duty mode is designed as the “hook” to kickstart the extensive Web3 economy that The X is powered by, and provide unparalleled opportunities to its player base. “Seeing is believing,” and by allowing players to experience the power of Web3 through immersive gameplay, The X will become a new vital cultural on-ramp for the blockchain industry at large.

Our main mission is to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to our users while also offering educational value and real "knowledge transfer" of IRL skills to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. We strive to provide users with an immersive experience that offers real-world applications, allowing them to apply their gaming experiences to practical use cases. Through our platform, we aim to inspire and educate our users, encouraging them to explore new ideas and possibilities, and fostering a community that is passionate about gaming, history, and learning. Our ultimate goal is to create an engaging and meaningful experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming, opening up new opportunities for growth and development.

The Meta Fort
The Meat Fort Features
A one-stop destination for users looking for a fun, immersive online experience. The MetaFort is designed to be interoperable across multiple platforms, making it easy for users to access and engage with their favorite games, brands, and content. A game lobby and social hub connect users with like-minded individuals and influencers. The edutainment feature allows users to learn while playing and hone their game skills and IRL knowledge. The platform features sponsorship advertisements, allowing brands to connect meaningfully with users. Community-based first-party data aggregation, next-generation consumer first-party data KPIs, and analytics, including facial analysis, provide companies with valuable insights into their target audience.

MetaFort Builds | Activities

Sniper School:
-Training, Games, Tournaments
-Live Events, Combat Games, Tournaments
War Room
-Communication Center, Meeting Room, Design Center
-Museum Tours, VR History Experiences, History Games
ROTC School
-Learning Center, Research Library, Active School Shooter Simulator
Shooting Range
-Solo Games, Team Games, Training
Race Track
-Driving Course, Racing Virtual Defensive Driving Course
Drone Stadium
-Drone Racing, Drone Events, Virtual Drone Certification Course
-Hippology Class, Horse Breeding, Horse Racing
Legendary Commanders
9 Legendary Commanders
Choose Your Commander

The 9 Legendary Commanders NFTs are one-of-a-kind, exclusive items that represent the foundations of the genesis collection and world history. They are only available by invitation. These Commanders consist of innovators and business leaders from both web2 and web3 ventures. However, they are more than just NFTs - they are the founding members of this ecosystem, and they will play a crucial role in forging, leading, and launching the first Legion of The X NFT.

The 9 legendary commanders are Napoleon Bonapart, Sun Zue, Genghis Kahn, Sitting Bull, Leonidas, Joan of Arc, Alexander The Great, George Washington and Julius Caesar.


The 1500 "First to Fight" Legionnaires offer collectors the ability to select their preferred Legendary Commanders Cohort through the use of our innovative smart contract, Mint-to-Chort. In addition, the remaining 5000 Legionnaires will be randomly assigned to one of the nine Legendary Commanders Cohorts upon minting. Each Legionnaire boasts a unique combination of Ultra, Super, and Rare traits, making them striking hybrids of past, present, and future combat and leadership styles. With almost a billion possible combinations, these Legionnaire Avatars are truly one-of-a-kind.