Slices of TIME is a two-part collection, inspired by TIME’s nearly 100 year history. The collection features four editions: single red border, single white border, double red border, and double white border. The rarity of this collection was determined completely by Slices of TIME collectors and was final and set as of 12pm ET Feb 23, 2022. The collection includes work by TIME Creative Director DW Pine and 38 incredible artists. TIME selected 19 artists, who in turn picked 19 collaborators, to create two pieces of art—one inspired by a year from TIME’s past and one by what they see as a hundred years in the future. So, for example, 1969 and 2069. Learn more about the collection: https://time.com/collection/slices-of-time/ View the Slices: https://opensea.io/collection/timepieces-sot-slices [Twitter](https://twitter.com/timepieces) | [Discord](http://discord.gg/timepieces) License Agreement: https://time.com/privacy/timepieces_license_agreement.html