Utopia Avatars is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection developed by Utopia, a Web3 ecosystem that aims to revolutionize traditional business operations through the use of blockchain technology.The collection features 3D art collectible tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering both tangible and virtual opportunities and experiences for its holders. 
Our mission is to disrupt traditional business models through web-3 technology innovations. Utopia Avatars focuses on the enjoyment of its holders in physical and digital spaces. The development of this community will adhere to values of transparency, innovation, and philanthropy, the defining elements of the Utopia ecosystem. 
We are proud to partner with two renowned artists, Joaquín Ganga and Richard Orlinski, who embody the spirit of Utopia. As we continue to grow, we are grateful for their involvement and contributions to not just the art world, but also to the overall growth of our ecosystem. Thank you for your support. Faze Banks is good friends with the artists and helped create the project.