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VeeFriends is the name of Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection. He created VeeFriends to bring to life his ambitions of building a community around his creative and business passions using NFT technology and their smart contract capabilities.By owning a VeeFriend NFT, you immediately become part of the VeeFriends community and get access to VeeCon. 
To offset the environmental impact, VeeFriends will be making contributions towards DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to benefit renewable energy (such as solar, wind etc), carbon offsets, and support ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake (PoS) development which is more energy efficient.

What's the story behind the VeeFriends characters?

The characters represent human traits that Gary most admires. He focused on traits that he believes will lead to happiness and success.He also created characters based on popular culture references. Gary called them friends because he believes that business with friends can be fun and you can build a community around common interests and support one another through friendship, kindness and empathy.

Did Gary draw all the VeeFriends characters?

Yes. Gary imagined, created and drew all 268 of the VeeFriends characters himself.

What is so special about this NFT collection?

Each NFT will have a specific message and meaning and provide metadata with on chain storage of media. The premise of Gary’s approach is to create access and serve his community. VeeFriends are all about utility and access, meaning each NFT will have different levels of access and activities through the smart contract attached with each investment thus giving them “utility” through metadata. Over the last 15 years, he has spent time interacting with hundreds of thousands of people -- what VeeFriends will allow will be a structure around these interactions.
The token is the key that unlocks you into Gary’s world.
Token Organization

There are 10,255 VeeFriends tokens that are organized in three categories -- Access, Gift and Admission. You will see that Gary has drawn and created 268 unique VeeFriends characters.

Access Tokens:
VeeFriends Access tokens are redeemable or verifiable tokens that unlock unique experiences with Gary, such as going garage-saling with him, playing tennis, or having dinner. There are 300 VeeFriends access tokens. 210 that give virtual access and 90 with in person access. All 90 in person access tokens are 1 of 1 art tokens, meaning they have a unique and original token art. Additionally, all VeeFriends access token holders, like all VeeFriends token holders, receive a three year access pass to VeeCon. The additional underlying benefits of the VeeFriends access tokens will expire May 4, 2024.

  • 165 of these access tokens have Group Access. Group Access is an experience where token holders can redeem their token to spend time with Gary and other group access token holders. Below are the names and quantities of theVeeFriends characters with Group Access.
    • (10) Breakfast Bat (In person)
    • (10) Brunch Bear (In person)
    • (10) Lunch Ladybug (In person)
    • (10) Dinner Dear (In person)
    • (125) Hangout Hawks (Virtual)
  • 108 of these access tokens have one-to-one access. One-to-one access is an experience where VeeFriends token holders have the opportunity to redeem one on one time with Gary.These are the names and quantities of the VeeFriends tokens that offer individual one-to-one access to Gary.
    • (85) Facetime Flea, Facetime Frog, Facetime Fly, Facetime Five, Facetime Fox (Virtual)
    • (1) Garage Salin Yale
    • (1) Supper Sunfish
    • (1) Workout Wolf
    • (1) Part of the Team Dream
    • (1) Podcast Panther
    • (1) Courtside Cat
    • (3) Mentor Meeting Mongoose
    • (1) Jam Session Snail
    • (1) “Wine Shopping Spree” Woodchuk
    • (5) Keynote Koala
      • These token holders have unlimited access to any of Gary’s public keynote speeches anywhere in the world. To activate this token after you purchase it, there is a verification process. Please note, travel and accommodation is not included with the token.
    • (1) Shadow Me Scorpion
    • (1) Poker Pirate
    • (1) “Gone Fishing” Fish
  • 22 of these access tokens have competition access. Competition access is an experience where a VeeFriends token holder has the opportunity to redeem time to compete with Gary in a game. 
    • (9) Bowling Boa
    • (5) Basketball Butterfly
    • (1) Bubble Hockey Basset Hound
    • (1) Checkers Chicken
    • (3) Uno Unicorn
    • (1) Ping Pong Kalong
    • (1) Tennis Elbow
    • (1) Video Game Vulture
  • 5 of these access tokens have Scholarship Access. Scholarship access is an experience where an applicant applies to become the token holder and has the opportunity to redeem mentoring and coaching from Gary personally as well as his professional network. Below are the names and quantities of the VeeFriends characters with scholarship access. You do not pay for a scholarship access token. These tokens are managed through an application process only.
    • (5) Sorcerer Scholarship
Gift Goat Tokens

Gift Tokens: VeeFriends Gift tokens are verifiable tokens to a gifting experience curated by Gary and the VeeFriends team. There are 555 gift tokens. Additionally, VeeFriends Gift tokens, like all VeeFriends tokens, receive a three year access pass to VeeCon. The additional underlying benefits of the VeeFriends Gift tokens will expire May 4, 2024.
Admission Tokens

Admission Tokens: Admission Tokens are tokens that come with different levels of rarity and collectability. There are 9,400 Admission Tokens. What’s unique about the Admission tokens is that there are different quantity levels within each character type. Additionally, Admission tokens, like all VeeFriends tokens, receive a three year access pass to VeeCon.

The breakdown of Admission tokens within each type of character is listed below:
  • Each character type has 40 Tokens
    • (20) Core
    • (20) Limited
      • (8) Rare
      • (5) Very rare
      • (2) Epic
      • Spectaculars *all Spectaculars are 1 of 1 Art tokens, with only one edition found within the VeeFriends collection
        • (1) Hologram
        • (1) Gold
        • (1) Bubblegum
        • (1) Lava
        • (1) Diamond

Are all the tokens the same?

There are three categories of tokens: Access, Gift, and Admission. However all token holders receive a three year access pass to VeeCon, an exclusive experience for VeeFriends NFT holders to interact with Gary and his special guests in a curated themed event around business.

Which Tokens are 1 of 1 Artwork?

VeeFriends 1 of 1 Art tokens have just 1 existing edition of their token art within the VeeFriends family. Token art is the drawing and background featured on a VeeFriends token. All 90 in person access tokens are 1 of 1s as well as all 1,175 Spectacular tokens. 

If you own two VeeFriends tokens, this means you have two tickets to VeeCon. All dates and locations will be announced at least 180 days in advance for VeeCon 2022, 2023, 2024. The first VeeCon will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 19-22, 2022.

What is VeeCon?
All VeeFriends token owners get access to VeeCon. VeeCon is a multi-day event exclusively for NFT holders. Your NFT will give you a three year access pass. The conference will be focused around business, marketing, ideas, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and of course, fun. Gary’s focus is to curate the best experience for his community, bringing enormous access and informational value to all the VeeFriends token holders in attendance. 

How Long Does My VeeFriends Token Last?
The VeeFriends token as an art and collectable lasts forever. The additional underlying benefits of the VeeFriends access, gift, and admission NFTs will expire May 4, 2024.

Can I merchandise my VeeFriends?

All VeeFriends characters and tokens are intellectual property owned by VeeFriends LLC, as such token owners cannot sell or distribute VeeFriends characters or designs in any way.

Will VeeFriends’ token owners be able to collect royalties?

Due to various reasons (including legal and regulatory concerns), VeeFriends cannot establish or distribute potential royalties to token owners.