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Wiiides get wider when they are sold or transferred between wallets. Wiiides is an experimental smart contract and conceptual artwork by Sterling Crispin, no affiliation with Yuga Labs or Larva Labs.

This is getting wiiiider

Wiiides are a fully on chain artwork, meaning all data and artwork are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Wiiides consume data directly from the on chain CryptoPunks, and programmatically edit the data to make each image grow wider and wider, based on the growth rate of each Wiiide and the number of transfers.

Punks, but wider...

Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to charities focused on helping survivors of domestic violence.

This project launched in July 2022 and it caught Crypto Twitter's attention. Many influencers bought and the price skyrocketed (for a free mint), slowly declining afterward. They have a really fun mechanic and memeability, but that's all.

The wider the better