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World of Women is an NFT collection featuring 10,000 digital artworks of women from diverse backgrounds. The project celebrates female representation and diversity in the NFT space. World of Women has taken part in numerous philanthropic initiatives, actively supporting womens' rights around the world.
At its core, the World of Women project seeks to empower women by promoting diversity and gender inclusivity in an industry where only a fraction of NFT artists are women. World of Women has emerged as the first female-orientated project in the NFT space realizing this vision. 

The collection is made up of portrait images of women across different cultural identities and aesthetic qualities. The collection’s diversity reaches far beyond skin color, offering unique and at times abstract accessories and traits that make each image completely unique.  Via kraken

WoWG Membership Benefits:
WoW Galaxy holders will be contributors and investors in our mission, which comes with unique benefits. Benefits of WoW Galaxy ownership include:
World of Women Roadmap
Hello fam! With our first roadmap being almost completed, we have decided that it was the perfect time to tell you what we are currently working on and some of the things that are next for WoW.
Please keep in mind that plans are subject to change, if we get a really exciting opportunity (imagine a collab with Rihanna) which we believe will bring more value to you and the project we might have to put aside other things. Also, the following roadmap encompasses all that we are currently able to reveal to you, which means that there are spicy things cooking in the back that we are working on, but not yet able to reveal.

Since World of Women was born, we have focused on actions that reflect our values:
-Bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.
-Bring more diversity and inclusion into the NFT space and support emerging artists.
-Grow our community and build value for WoW NFT holders.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. WoW in galleries and expos around the globe
Yep, this is happening. We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing with some of the most celebrated art galleries and museums around the world. We are happy to announce that very soon you will be able to take your friends on a cultural outing and show them what WoW NFTs look like in physical form.
This is something we have wanted from the start and that we believe will be very enriching for WoW and our community, so we are very excited about it!
More details on where and when to come and of course our ultimate goal would be to have a WoW displayed in the Louvre :D

2. World of Women Merch
We know you have been asking for this, and we want you to be able to represent our WoW family in real life too, so what better way to do so than through merch?
We are currently sourcing partners that will provide the highest quality goods while meeting our ethical standards because you deserve the best!

We will give more details in the coming weeks in the meantime here’s what we can tell you about it:
-Merch drops will be limited editions. 
-There won’t be a permanent collection.
-Some drops will be reserved to WoW NFT holders exclusively and others will be open for everyone.

We are additionally working on how we can bring your physical merch into the metaverse world. This shall be an interesting process.

Stay tuned for the official announcement in the very near future.

3. The WoW Team is Growing
As you all know, from the beginning it has always been Yam, Raph, BBA and Toomaie.
Yen joined our team mid-August, and she has been the best community manager we could ask for.
We recently hired a professional licensing agency, they will be in charge of making deals and collaborations happen in between WoW and brands, and they will be leading our business development. This will help us bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds while providing value to our community and our brand.

We are currently on the look-out for sources in branding and design in order to take WoW’s branding to the next level. This person or persons will be working closely with Yam and her artistic vision for WoW.

Yen is the best CM everrrr, but she can’t do it all on her own, so we are currently looking to grow the team to expand communication, community, and marketing even further.
In addition we are also developing in the fine art aspect and looking to add a Curator in Chief to the team to manage artists relations and help us curate the WoW Fund.
Growing the WoW team in a way that matches our vision and ambitions for the project is essential in order to deliver everything we want to do in the best conditions possible.
We are excited for what is happening and what is yet to come.

4. WoW and Charity
Since our launch, we have been committed to giving back and helping women and girls around the world. We have not only given part of our primary sales to 3 different charities, but we’ve also ran several community events and auctions to support new charities that are actively making a change in the world.

We are so very lucky to have a community that shares the same core values as us and that takes pride in our efforts towards helping push forward women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusiveness.
Our next two charity and art-focused events will be a further collaboration with the charity TooYoungToWed, which will be announced in detail very soon. And our Mother Earth Muses competition, which we revealed early this week, you can read all about it and how to get involved in the following link :

But this doesn’t stop here, charity is extremely important for us and we will keep finding new ways to help and be part of the change.

5. Metaverse-ready
The metaverse is still very young, which makes us very enthusiastic about it. We truly believe Art will take a major place in the metaverse in the future, and we want to be early adopters and make sure WoW has its place in there.
We recently purchased 9 parcels of land in The Sandbox, and are looking forward to starting the development of our museum project. Out of the 9 lands, we will be building a museum for the WoW Fund that will not only showcase the art we have been honored to collect through it, but also to create temporary art exhibitions and vernissages, with virtual champagne of course.
Even if our first land purchase was in The Sandbox, this does not mean that we won’t be doing fun things in other places such as Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, etc. Other metaverse events and experiences will come in the following months, we will keep you updated!

6. Worlds of Women
We will soon be celebrating the Season 2 of Worlds of Women with a whole new group of amazing and talented artists. We have already received so much love and enthusiasm about it, and we could not be happier, which is why…
We have decided that the Worlds of Women artdrops are going to be a recurring monthly event!
This means that… yes! Every month you will be receiving between 1 and 7 NFTs created by selected artists for FREE.
It has been an amazing experience for us to be able to work closely with so many incredible creatives, and we are constantly in the talks with new ones for future drops. We have some artists planned that we know will blow your mind.

7. More Airdrops
Lo and Behold! The Worlds of Women collabs shall not be the only ones to rule the WoW kingdom.
More airdrops are coming, and they have nothing to do with what we have done so far, fun things are clo(the)se, can you guess what?

8. On a planet far, far away…
What if there was another World of Women?
You’ve already met 10,000 Women from 7 different Worlds. But what if there were more? What if there was a place where they are completely different from what you’ve known so far?
You will find the answers to those questions and more details through a series of mysterious events and enigmas…
The final reveal will occur by the rise of the 12th full moon. 🌕 ✨

9. We love you!
And yep, we have said it before, and we are saying it again, we love you fam! We really mean it, a project is only as good as its community, we hope to continue making you proud.
The WoW Team Via Medium

The DAWoW stands for the World of Women decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAWoW is our first step into shared, community governance. Through the DAWoW, WoW token holders can participate in decisions that will help shape the future of World of Women.
While some strategic decisions will remain the responsibility of the WoW team, we want to involve WoW holders in priority areas and give them the opportunity to participate in decisions.