Yaypegs •• is a collectibles and multifunctional brand created by ccmoret. We're driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that we can all uniquely feel identified. Each Yaypeg comes with a variety of traits, so in a way, you'll find yourself in a collection size of 10,000. Through the eyes of Yaypegs, we aim to deliver experiences leveraged on new technologies and the future of web3.

Owning a Yaypeg gives you the opportunity to have unique experiences through the brand. As the brands universe grow, collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products.
Yaypegs was born as a reward for the Wired Beast holders. All holders had the chance to mint 10 free boxes. Nobody except the founders knew what was the art behind these unrevealed boxes.

How Yaypegs started:

  • Free mint.
  • 5% royalties.
  • No promotion / No marketing.
  • No collaboration.
  • No roadmap.
  • No art preview.

This is part of our DNA and represents intrinsic values of the brand and the community.
IP Rights
By owning an NFT from the yaypegs collection, we automatically grant you the right to own the IP Rights of the image. This means that you can make commercial use of the image. The Yaypegs collections will always be IP Rights.

What are the limits of the use of my IP Rights?

  • As long as you comply with the Terms.
  • As long as you are the owner of the NFT.