⚡️ Zapper is Leveling Up ⚡️ We're happy to introduce quests, levels and XP to the dashboard. Are you ready to get Zapper pill'd? 🏆 Rewards Once you reach certain levels, you will be able to mint reward NFTs. ⚔️ Quests Initially, there will be two types of quests. • Daily Quests: Every day you can check in to claim your experience for the quest. • Weekly Quests: They will give more experience, but will require a transaction to be submitted on Zapper in order to complete. ⚗️ Experience Every account will start at level 1 and each address will have its own unique level. In addition, there are streak bonuses that increase your experience earned if you complete a task consecutive days or weeks in a row. 🚀 Moving forward The possibilities for the NFTs, XP, and quests are endless. This is one way of many for us at Zapper to reward our most active and loyal community members.