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10,000 Moonbird pellets, regurgitated from the imagination of artist Gremplin and revealed in July 2022. Each Oddity is derived from a Moonbird, with a smattering of new traits and features allocated at random through the collection.
Moonbird Oddities Collection
  • Airdrop to all nested Moonbirds in May 2022.
  • Revealed in July 2022.
  • In Q2 2023, you will be able to burn one Oddity and claim one Stone Egg for Moonbird Mythics.
Moonbird Oddities was introduced in May 2022 as a collaboration between Gremplin and PROOF. The Oddities were distributed to all nested Moonbirds and were later revealed after two months. While some people loved them, it seems like most people didn't quite connect with the unique art style that Gremplin is known for.

It's understandable that people may have had different expectations for this art, and it can be disappointing when things don't turn out as we hoped. However, PROOF has since announced another collection called Moonbird Mythics, which may be more to some people's liking. And, if you happen to have some Oddities that you're not too fond of, you can now burn up to 50 of them a day to claim one Mythic Stone Egg.

Moonbirds Mythic Stone Egg

It's important to note that this collection is deflationary, which means that the number of Oddities available will decrease over time. 

Change can be tough, but it's always good to have options and opportunities to adapt.