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Art is proof of our collective humanity.

From handprints on cave walls to pixels on screens, art forms the unbroken chain of our shared human experience. Art isn’t frivolous, it’s fundamental—the foundation to the stories we tell, cultures we create, and societies we build. But art is also at risk of being commodified.

The blockchain has the potential to usher in a digital art renaissance, but we have to decide: is it about the numbers or the people?

At PROOF, we’re focused on creating unique experiences for collectors to connect with artists to own and champion their art. Art is more than a floor price—it’s humanity’s handprint on the world.

PROOF Collective
Proof Collective Membership

A private group of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. Membership valid from 1/1/2022-1/1/2025.

The Proof Collective is a select NFT community that is only accessible to its 1,000 members and is valid from 1/1/2022-1/1/2025. The Proof Collective has been behind some highly successful projects such as Moonbirds, Oddities and Grails. The group is made up of renowned artists and collectors in the NFT space, many of whom remain anonymous.

Founded in December 2021 by Co-Founder Kevin Rose, The Proof Collective evolved from a closely-knit community that had developed around the Proof podcast, with a clear mission to act as the most vigilant and knowledgeable experts in the NFT space, always on the lookout for the most promising projects for its members.
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Proof has already released three sets of its popular Grails collection, each consisting of 20 unique NFTs by 20 renowned artists in the NFT community. To obtain a Grails NFT, one must have a Grails III Mint Pass, which is distributed as an airdrop to Proof Collective NFT holders. Some lucky holders of "Grail" trait Moonbirds are also entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Mint Pass, and they can also be purchased on the secondary market.

The minting process for Grails drops involves an interesting dynamic. Once the minting window opens, Proof members and Mint Pass holders can mint an artwork within a seven-day period. However, the names of the artists are not revealed until after the minting is finished, incentivizing members to select pieces they appreciate rather than those associated with big-name artists. While it is still possible to identify an artist's style, the concept creates an intriguing element of the unknown in the minting process.
Proof has enlisted some big names to participate in the Grails drops, including Gary Lee, Alexis Ohanian, Hackatao, Grant Riven Yun, Refik Anadol, and Drifter Shoots, among others. Season III of Grails was released on January 17 and has introduced new mechanics such as Editions and Series mints. Editions are single artwork NFTs with a hard cap of 50, while Series mints consist of a curated selection of works by a single artist, with each mint randomly selecting pieces from that series. The artwork displayed on the Grails minting page shows the first piece in its corresponding Series.
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By jesse bryan 7 days ago

@punk9059 does an amazing job in this.

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What is the PROOF Collective?
An art collective supporting the Digital Renassance. 

What are the PROOF Collective benefits?
With the 1,000 PROOF Collective NFTs, each will have access to our private Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, research reports like monthly Deep Dives and daily PROOF Espresso reports, in-person events, and other upcoming collaborations and rewards created exclusively for PROOF Collective members. The PROOF Collective NFT is our highest tiered NFT with exclusive access to our community and access to future PROOF related drops such as Grails and our new artists collaborations we announced at Future PROOF. You can read more details here. More information about PROOF can be found in our Terms of Use: https://www.proof.xyz/terms 
-Membership is valid from 1/1/2022 till 1/1/2025

What happens after the pass expires on 1/1/2025?
After it expires, we will be launching Moonbird Elders. This is a code name and the actual name of it will be decided by the Collective Community. 

This is about unifiying the group with Moonbirds. So one unified brand champion. Mechanics though will work a bit different for the Elders but we'll talk more about that as time goes on.

Announcement about Moonbirds Elders can be seen in this video here

Until 1/12025, we will continue to deliver the the art exhibitions / collections for the PROOF Collective as we announced here.
Summary of the changes can be seen in the video starting here.

I’m thinking of buying a PROOF Collective NFT. Is there anything to be aware of?
Yes. PROOF Collective membership “perks” are tied to our Terms of Use. Additionally, if you're interested in minting a Grail, please check to make sure that the Grails II Mint Pass has not already been airdropped. PROOF makes no guarantee of NFT eligibility.

How do NFT sales proceeds and artist royalties work?
100% of primary sales are pooled together and split amongst participating artists. 80% of secondary sale royalties go directly to the artist responsible for the work.

Which chain will Grails be minted on? What about carbon emissions?
Grails NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum L1 main chain. We eagerly await the upcoming Ethereum transition to (eco-friendly) Proof of Stake consensus. Until then, PROOF will carbon offset all smart contract deployment and initial Grails mints through Aerial. An offset certificate will be posted here once minting is complete.
Grails Season 1 Reveal

Grails Season 2 Reveal
Grails Season 3 Reveal