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The Monday After The KillaCub Announcement


Last Friday was the Volume 2 burn for KillaChronicles, and it kicked off with another incredible spaces from my buddies Cash, Scooter, and JP. As always, there were a lot of fantastic speakers up as well - if you missed out, check the recording below!

As usual, burning two Volume 2 editions resulted in a single Volume 3, seen below:
And of course filling up your burn card resulted in another special treat from the team - this time, a golden volume 420!
While we were all gearing up for the KillaChronicles Volume 2 OE burn, however, the team dropped this tactical nuke on us - a drop date for the long anticipated KillaCubs. 

If you don’t remember what KillaCubs are, I wrote a little bit about them in the KillaBears Primer Part 3 I put out a little while back:


Killacubs are an upcoming drop from the Killabears team to all OG Killabear holders. As you saw above, if you hold a Killapass you’ll also be able to mint them. But they are much more than that, as you’ll get to customize them yourself based on the traits you hold via your OG Killabears, or even the Killatraits you picked up along the way. Once again, our dude @quirk_bear has THE thread that you want to check out for the information on why Killacubs are going to be such an amazing addition to the ecosystem.

This is huge for a lot of reasons, but I’ll have to put out a whole newsletter dedicated to KillaCubs in the future. Suffice to say, however, that the KillaBears team continues to find ways to expand and reward their community like no other project in the space. Mintify even put together a great thread the other day that I think went unnoticed by a lot of people. 

For more ideas about what could be coming with Cubs for now, check out this great thread by our resident detective CrypteHaut.

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