Quirkies are ready to quest!

Quirkies are about to go on a journey called “Questing”, which is staking. Each season is packed with lore and at the end of each season, Questers can expect to receive rewards in return. 

A season is expected to last about 30 days and the rewards are items of value that can either be sold or held to utilize in the highly anticipated burning phase. 

In the first season set to start in just under 2 days, all OG Quirkie and Quirkling holders can quest to receive their packs of Quirkmasters cards that will include the remaining 5 traits (a total of 10 cards in a pack). In the subsequent seasons, an OG Quirkie & Quirkling pair is needed. It had also been hinted that in addition to rewards, OG quirkies will accumulate Goo but be careful; unquesting could result in the loss of that accumulation. Goo could be very important down the line!

You can find a countdown to Day 1 of Season 1 of Questing at questing.quirkies.io! 

As always, double check all links in the official links channel of the Quirkies discord to be safe! 

Happy Questing :)  

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